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A World-Champion Business

Mar 6, 2019

I was recently interviewed on the “CEO in 10” podcast where I got to do one of my favorite things: talk about how we created 9Round and turned it into the world’s largest kickboxing franchise.

It’s never easy starting something from the ground up. My wife Heather and I literally bootstrapped the business. We were a solo act in that very first gym more than 10 years ago. Nobody knew us, we had to max out credit cards to get things off the ground. But look at us know. At the time of my interview, we had 773 open locations across 17 countries for 9Round. 

It’s humbling to see how far we’ve come. But it’s also incredibly fulfilling for all of the right reasons. 

When Rick Tocquigny, the host of the show, asked how I look at the business today, I shared two very important things with listeners. 

We are doing two of the most noble things I could have ever imagined with our 9Round organization.

First, we are helping people live longer, healthier lives. I mean lots of people! The members of our 9Round franchise locations around the world share their life-changing experiences with us on a regular basis. Who doesn’t want that in a business? And best of all, we’ve taken kickboxing (my favorite thing) and taken the worst part out of the equation — getting hit. That’s a huge win-win.

Second, we are creating an opportunity for people to own their own business in this 9Round journey and, in the process, they are creating jobs on an epic scale as well. Today we have more than 3,500 trainers across 773+ studios around the world. That is small business at its finest for the communities that they serve. 

On top of all of that, I’ve received an added bonus.

Being the best by yourself is okay. But being the best with an entire franchise network is exponentially rewarding.

As I shared on the podcast, when I turned pro as a kickboxer, I worked hard every day. 

I would fight anywhere, anytime, any weight class. Not out of arrogance. But I knew that the more times I did that and got on that stage, the better I would be. 

And when I won the world title in 2011, I got paid $2,400. That was it. They raised my arm in the ring, and I walked away with the belt. It was an achievement I will never forget, but in my gut I was hungry for so much more.

That’s where growing a world-class business has truly paid off. Today, as we’ve grown 9Round to deliver the best kickboxing fitness experience with the world, life is truly rewarding on a whole different level. Our entire team gets to share in this leadership position we cherish as a brand. We are a global network of winners. And we deliver a championship workout every day for people who keep on coming back. Now that deserves a belt!


Written By: Shannon Hudson


Want to join the team? Do you think you have what it takes to be a 9Round franchisee? Visit HERE.