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Another great week of new owners have Graduated 9RU

Shannon Hudson

We just graduated an AWESOME group of new owners on August 22 from 9Round University in Greenville SC. We had new 9Round Kickbox Fitness owners come in from Michigan, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas, Nebraska, Nevada, Montana, Ohio, Florida, and Missouri.

They got to workout every day, and spend the morning in the classroom learning sales, how to hire, software, etc. In the evening, they got actual hands on training inside the clubs. They got to sign up new members, wrap customers hands, and run the exercises on the floor. It was an action packed week. Just read what some of our new owners have to say.

“This training is essential for everyone who is involved in a 9Round club. Whether you are a first time business owner, serial entrepreneur, or a C Level executive, you will find these 4 days invaluable, informative, fun, and a great investment of your time.”

David “The Hammer” Hair
9Round Colorado
Inc 500 Partners

“We appreciate having the time to lean from you and we especially appreciate the honest and open communication. We can tell Shannon and Heather and your entire team love what you do and take it very seriously. We love the background and history of Boxing and Kickboxing that you provide. We look forward to your continued support and feedback. Can’t wait to make Omaha 9Round Strong. “

Anthony Hudson
9Round Omaha Nebraska