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Attention Millennials! Franchise Your Future with 9Round

Attention Millennials! Franchise Your Future with 9Round

Jen Jones

It’s no secret that millennials are the generation who want and expect it all (we can say that because the person writing this is a millennial.) According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s research, 72 percent of millennials want to be their own boss, 74 percent want a flexible work schedule, and 88 percent want work-life integration. Is that asking too much? Some might say yes, but at 9Round, we don’t think so.

The beauty of becoming a 9Round franchise owner is that you get all of the things we mentioned above – the flexibility of entrepreneurship – with immediate brand recognition and the unparalleled support of our Home Office team. From selecting the ideal site for your club, to ongoing training and coaching, your business reaps the benefits of our team’s more than 40 years of fitness industry experience.

So what makes 9Round the right choice for millennials? In addition to being one of the fastest growing fitness franchises (9Round recently landed at number 121 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2017 Franchise 500) 9Round’s low start-up cost, quick build-out, and low overhead make it possible for your business to be up and operating for as little as a $75,000 total investment and as few as two employees! Other fitness franchises generally require a much larger investment up-front and have much higher overhead expenses associated with costly equipment, maintenance, and staffing needs.

Still not sure if 9Round is right for you? Take it from current 9Round owner, and millennial, Drew Stauffacher. After opening his first location at age 28, Drew, now 31, is currently in the build-out phase of his second location. Here’s what Drew had to say about 9Round and why it was the perfect choice for him.

9R:  As a millennial, what attracted you to 9Round?

DS: What excited me about 9Round was the ability to train not just in kickboxing and not just as a personal trainer, but to get the best of both worlds. Doing both creates an environment for a trainer to have so many opportunities to train and motivate people every day. Plus, in today's fast paced, have to have it NOW, lifestyle - 9Round is perfect for that on-the-go person who really only has 30 minutes in their day to squeeze a workout in. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, and 9Round allows me to do that every day.


9R:  What are the benefits of owning a 9Round franchise vs. building a business from the ground up?

DS: I am currently working on opening my second location, and in the space next to my new club are two young professionals as well. They're putting in around $200,000 and taking out loans that are putting their entire life savings, and anything else they have, on the line. I'm building my club out for significantly less than that, doing it more efficiently, and I'm going to start out with a minimum of 100 active clients the day I open the doors. Those are paying clients - not just prospects. With the right business model, including marketing support, training, dedicated franchise coaches, and more, 9Round has figured out the secret sauce to make money, do it efficiently, and without breaking the bank. 


9R:  What advice would you give to other millennials interested in business ownership?

DS: A lot of people now seem to be drawn to starting an online business, but that world isn't for everyone. There are still people out there that want to have real one-on-one relationships. When you’re a trainer or coach online, you don't get that full experience of what it's like to be there and see someone accomplishing their goals. That is a game changer! There are so many ways out there right now to borrow money, and with its preferred lenders and Small Business Administration (SBA) accreditation, 9Round makes the financing process easy and less confusing. If you have a good work ethic and have done your homework, your dreams of becoming your own boss can come to fruition for a relatively minimal investment with 9Round. And if you go into it with the right mentality, you will be a rock star.


Many people put their dreams of business ownership on hold because they don’t think they have the money or that perfect plan that is required to go into business for themselves. But 9Round is the right concept, with the right business model, in the right industry, at the right time – and it’s a proven success! Instead of waiting and spending your retirement savings to finally realize your dreams of business ownership, franchise your future and fund your retirement with 9Round.

For more information on how you can become a business owner with 9Round, check out the Own a Franchise page on our website where you’ll find information about fees, financing, and more on one of the fastest growing fitness franchises on the planet. You can also request more information here or give us a call at 866-619-7978. Stop investing all of your time and passion into making money for someone else’s business and become your own boss with 9Round!