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Building Rapport in the Fitness Business

Shannon Hudson

In the Fitness Industry, they secret to building a strong club is to build relationships.  Making people feel at home and feel comfortable is the key to building a long lasting sustainable fitness business.  The worst thing in the world is to walk in a club, scan in, and no one says "Welcome!  It's great to see you today."  Nobody wants to be just another number.  Here are 5 ways to build rapport in your fitness club.


1.  Use their name - The sweetest sound in the world to someone is their own name.  Use it!!  Whether your on the phone with a potential customer on welcoming the customer when they walk in, or saying goodbye, using their name makes them feel welcome and part of the family.  Clients will never buy services from you until they get to know, like, and trust you and your staff.  It's sounds simple but makes a huge difference.


2.  Name + 1 - This is a simple philosophy that I require all my staff to implement.  They must learn each clients name and one thing about their personal life.  Each trainer is required to learn one thing, whether they play golf, are a doctor, have kids in soccer, or have seen the latest movie.  This helps build rapport with each client.  It shows that we care.  Remember, clients don't care how much you know, they only want to know how much you care about them.


3.  Appropriate Touch - It's all about a fun atmosphere in your club.  My trainers are always going around correcting form, giving high fives, pats on the back, and fist bumps. It's all about keeping the members engaged.


4.  Asking about their fitness goals - It's important to ask a potential customer what their fitness goals are.  So many clubs take a client through a tour and never really get to the real reason why they are there in the first place.  The fancy equipment in your club really doesn't mean much unless you show them exactly how they are going to reach their fitness goals here at our club.


5.  Hand Written notes - A very successful businessman named Donald Trump is also a big fan of hand written notes.  Hand written notes go a long way because they are not used much anymore.  Everything is electronic now days and emails are an easy way to go.  Go the extra mile and write a hand written note that could say, "Great job on your 100th workout" or "Thanks for visiting us".  These show clients that you have taken the time to write a note and you really care about what you are doing.


These 5 things will help make your club like a COMMUNITY.  You will build rapport and these members will bring their friends.  Treating your members like family is what will set your club apart from the competition.  Let's get motivated and put systems in place to make your club members "Raving Fans"