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Shannon Hudson

Let's play a little guessing game.  Can you guess which restaurant chain has almost 40,000 locations around the world?  Did you know that this chain owns more real estate than the Catholic Church?  This chain practically invented Fast-Food and Franchising back in the 1950's.  Well if you guessed McDonald's, DING-DING-DING, you are correct.  As the founder and CEO of a fitness franchise, I have to make a confession.  My six year old little boy enjoys a Happy Meal from McDonald's every now and then.  Heck, he would probably eat one everyday if I let him.  Still not sure if it's the toy or the cheeseburger he likes best.  Anyway, this brand has always fascinated me.  It still blows my mind that the drive through will be packed all the way around the building at all times of the day.  It's amazing.

Another amazing thing is how Ray Croc saw this incredible phenomena back in the 50's and had a vision.  Talk about a crystal ball.   Mr.Croc saw the future of food in America.  He took a huge gamble, putting everything on the line to strike a deal with the McDonald's brothers.  The McDonald brothers finally agreed  to let him franchise the model.  Ray Croc immediately put a store in Illinois and it was a huge success.  The rest is Golden Arch history.

Ray Croc talked about the importance of the three legged stool that holds up a franchise chain.  The first leg is the Franchisor or called the Corporate Office.  This leg has to build strong support systems and staff to handle the growth and demands of the chain.  Next is the Franchise Owners or what we like to call them at 9Round, Franchise Partners.  We think of them as their partner because our success depends on how well each individual franchised store does.  Lastly, is the vendors and product suppliers.  I'm pretty sure McDonalds could not exist without hamburger buns.  Or how about those little fried potatoes called french fries.  Well 9Round could not exist without punching bags or gloves.  So it's key to keep a solid relationship with all of the vendors.

All three legs of the stool must be taken extreme care of for any franchised chain to be a success.  So next time you go through that McDonald's drive through, take a moment to realize how many people work behind the scenes.  From the cash register supplier, to the bun company, to the chairs in the lobby.  Then once you eat your Happy Meal or Big Mac swing on by 9Round so we can give you a calorie blasting-kick butt 30 minute workout.  We love McDonald's!!  It gives the 9Round chain job security.  If you're interested in joining the 9Round Nation visit 9Round.com and fill out our Request For Consideration short form.