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Club Solutions Magazine Touts 9Round's Growth

9Round was once again featured in Club Solutions Magazine. This time the article focused on the massive growth that 9Round has recently seen. In 2013 the company had almost 100 fitness centers up and running. Currently 9Round has grown its brand to 130 locations in 36 states and exactly 94 of them have only been opened since the beginning of 2013. These figures show an exponential growth in an extremely short period of time and seems to back up the fact that 9Round has earned a very prestigious spot in the booming fitness industry.



The fitness boom

In the past few years more and more consumers are becoming aware of the importance of fitness and the need to have an effective and consistent fitness routine in their lives. They are looking for ways to feel and look better, fight obesity and other diseases and live longer, healthier lives. According to Shannon Hudson, the founder of 9Round, “Consumers are becoming more aware and ambitious with their fitness levels and are looking for real fitness programs and not just access to fitness equipment, and there is something empowering about kickboxing - it is this sense of empowerment that appeals to most people.” Hudson believes that it is 9Round's unique fitness philosophy that makes 9Round stand out among its competitors and is what is helping to catapult them to the top of the market.


One of a kind fitness

9Round is definitely a one of a kind fitness routine. 9Round incorporates aspects from boxing and kickboxing. Each member is taken through a challenging workout comprised of nine different stations that last for three minutes each. You can achieve a full body workout in only thirty minutes that is guaranteed to quickly give you the results that you want. Each of these stations feature a different type of workout -  from learning how to jump rope to hitting the speed bag. You get a chance to do a workout just as if you were a real fighter. Hudson states that 9Round's routine is something you can easily imagine Muhammad Ali doing. The best parts of being a member of 9Round are that there are no class times, each workout is overseen by certified 9Round trainers and the routines are changed daily to give our members a fresh and exciting workout every time they come in.


Drop the Intimidation Factor

9Round is composed of 60-70% women clients nationwide. They take all fitness levels. No one CAN’T do 9Round because the Trainer keeps your workout at your fitness level. Intimidation gone! Get in and try it, you’ll see!


9Round is excited about the growth that they have recently seen and looks forward to spreading its fitness philosophy with others. They hope to continue to grow and build their name. 9Round has an additional 100 locations in various stages of development and expects to open 40 new clubs by the end of 2014. They are estimating to have a total of 1,000 locations up and running by 2018.