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Back To List Rates 9Round as the Best New Workout in Town

Great news 9Round Nation! Recently touted 9Round as the best new workout in town and gave us a five star rating. The article written by Dina Colman focuses on 9Round San Ramon and 9Round Walnut Creek, which are both located in California. Dina Colman, MBA, MA, lives in the San Francisco Bay area and is an integral health coach. She has her own private practice that she uses to help nudge her clients toward an integral life of health and wellness. She is also a writer for many sites, including, and of course, her main focus is how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.



The workout compares a 9Round workout to a combination between Curves, CrossFit and Boxing. Like Curves, it has different stations set up in a circuit training format, which allows 9Round to eliminate the need for class times. 9Round's workout uses nine challenging stations that last for three minutes each to give you a full body workout in only thirty minutes. You can drop by anytime during business hours and know that you can start your workout within three minutes.

9Round comes up with a new workout for each station, and 9Round will change up their workouts from day to day to eliminate boredom and keep its members engaged in their fitness routine. Each round is a combination of kickboxing, strength training, cardio, and core strengthening. Round 1 is usually some form of cardio like jumping rope. Round 2 involves some form of strength training with weights or kettlebells. Rounds 3 through 7 center on kicking and punching different types of heavy bags. Round 8 involves hitting the speed bag, and round 9 is where you work on your core.


9Round prides itself on having the best customer service. We want to see our members succeed. This is why we throw in so many extras without charging high prices. Each workout is catered to fit the needs of our members and supervised by our certified 9Round trainers. We also offer each member access to our online nutrition guide with access to our online Nutrition Coach, Dr. Kattouf and healthy meal options. You can join 9Round for a monthly rate and receive all of this and unlimited workouts. So, if you happen to be in the San Francisco area stop by 9Round San Ramon or Walnut Creek. If you happen to live elsewhere, do not worry. There are 9Round fitness centers throughout the country. You can stop by our locations page and find one near you, and do not forget your first workout is free.