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Florence Welcomes Their Very Own 9Round

Florence Welcomes Their Very Own 9Round

Great news residents of Florence, SC, a new 9Round has opened in your community and is looking forward to helping you achieve all of your impossible fitness goals. Chad and Jill Strawn are the new owners of 9Round Florence, which is conveniently located in West Gate Square off of West Evans St. Chad and Jill Strawn can not wait to introduce the Florence community to everything that 9Round embodies. The one of a kind kickboxing type workout that works your entire body in only thirty minutes with no class times is sure to be a hit with any and everyone who tries it.


Strawn, who is also a 44-year-old Florence native, has “always been into fitness.”  However, about a year ago when he saw his brother-in-law Brad Williams losing weight and getting into top-notch shape, he had to know what he was doing. “He said he was doing 9Round. I asked what it was because I had never heard about it before,” Strawn said. Immediately, Strawn decided to reach out to the corporate office in Greenville and was invited to visit a 9ROund Gym, get a workout and ask any questions he may have. According to Strawn, “it was fantastic, and I knew right then and there that I wanted to own my very own 9Round. It was totally different from any fitness routine I had seen or even heard of before.”


    The Strawns can not wait to see how much their new fitness center can affect the residents of Florence and hope they can revolutionize the way people view their fitness routine and achieve their fitness goals. They would like to remind you that as with any 9Round you visit, your first trial workout is always free. They believe that once you sample how great this workout is you will immediately fall in love with it just as they did. If you would like to see the article about 9Round Florence on, you can find it here. To learn more about 9Round’s unique fitness routines or find the 9Round nearest you please check out our website. And, as always, we look forward to you getting fit 9 rounds at a time.