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Get a Franchise

At 9Round, we’re a specialized fitness center offering a fun, unique, and high-energy approach to fast and effective full-body fitness. Our proven kickboxing-inspired circuit training helps you empower yourself, transform your potential, and push the limits. Starting a 9Round franchise is a great way to combine a love for ultimate total-body exercise with the potential and security of a sound business model. If you’re wondering how to start a franchise, we at 9Round would be glad to walk you through the steps to get your business started. We can outline the many opportunities of such an investment and the kind of rewards you can expect to reap, both financially and personally.

How to Get a Franchise

If the 9Round model appeals to you, the first question is natural: How to start a franchise? While being a franchisee may initially seem challenging to first-timers, the process is actually quite simple. Start by filing out our online application. Once our corporate office gives preliminary approval, we’ll schedule a personal interview. You then receive the 9Round Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document and enter into a Franchise Agreement. At that point, you can begin selecting a site and starting gym construction. Finally, you get to head to Greenville, SC, to attend a four-day intensive training program. (Remember to bring your workout clothes!)

  • We have ranked for three consecutive years in the prestigious Franchise 500.
  • We’ve broken the franchise process down into ten easy steps.
  • Our low overhead keeps franchise opportunities affordable.
  • Our corporate office is available to help you out every day, Monday through Friday.
  • The typical 9Round gym has just one to four employees, keeping overhead low.
  • While the FTC doesn’t allow us to disclose earnings, most 9Round franchisees are happy to help out new or prospective franchise owners.

How to Get Your Franchise off the Ground

Once you know the basics, it’s time to learn how to get a franchise up and running. Understanding the 9Round model is key to your center’s success. We help busy and motivated individuals work out with the ultimate convenience and flexibility. If you’re like most people, you don’t have time for long workouts everyday but need quick, personalized training that fits into your schedule and your life. With that understanding, we built a program that combines incredible effectiveness with speed and convenience. When presenting your franchise to the public, simply communicate this valuable core of the 9Round philosophy. Focus on the product and your membership will steadily grow!

  • Our amazing full-body workout takes just 30 minutes.
  • Personal trainers are on hand at all times.
  • Members can work out at any time, as circuits start every three minutes.
  • A 30-minute workout is just 2 percent of the day.
  • Running your own 9Round center is a great way for you to stay fit, too!