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Greenville Online Touts 9Round’s Growth

Greenville Online Touts 9Round’s Growth

9Round has once again been recognized for its growth. This time by Greenville Online, which is where the 9Round craze all started. They were more than happy to point out that the Greenville based gym has seen huge growth both nationally and internationally. 9Round has recently took its franchise into other countries, such as Canada, England, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, New Zealand and Jordan. However, the one in Jordan is for men only since there are different rules applying to their country. Hopefully, soon 9Round hopes to open some women only clubs there, but they will have to wait and see.


    Shannon Hudson, the CEO and founder of 9Round, stated that momentum is an important part of business and anything else when you are trying to accomplish something. According to Hudson, “the more stores we are able to open, the more members, the more momentum, so it’s like a big snowball. We’re seeing some good traction, not only domestically but internationally.”


    Currently 9Round has 302 fitness centers up and running and another 100 have been sold domestically. They are expected to be open sometime this year. Their goal is to open 150 more stores worldwide in 2016, with fifty of those being in international markets. 


If you would like to view the article in full, you can find it here.