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Heather Hudson Featured on The Mogul Mom

Heather Hudson Featured on The Mogul Mom

Recently, Heather Hudson, the cofounder of 9Round, had the chance to sit down and discuss the ups and downs of working with your spouse. According to the article, it is not uncommon to work side by side with your significant other. In fact, The Mogul Mom goes on to quote Glenn Muske, a professor at North Dakota State University. Professor Muske has studied spouses who go into business together or what he likes to refer to as “co-preneurs” for more than twenty years. He discovered that two-thirds of businesses in the US are family owned and a third of those are run by couples. While, running your business with your partner may not be as rare as some have thought, it can still put a strain on many relationships.


    In the Mogul Mom article Heather Hudson discusses how her and her husband like to deal with being around each other pretty much twenty four seven. While, it can be stressful and busy, there are many ways you can ensure that you and your partner stay happy. Hudson says that if you do not plan your day accordingly, you could go weeks without seeing your spouse. She believes that you need to make sure that you set aside the time to be with each other and keep a steady stream of babysitters on hand to get away from everything when you need it. If you do not put forth the extra effort, you could surely feel a strain on your relationship or even become a stranger to your spouse.


    If you would like to see all of Hudson’s tips in detail, you can view The Mogul Mom’s article here. If you would like to learn more about Heather and Shannon’s booming fitness business, feel free to visit 9Round’s website.