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How to Start Your Own Business

If you’ve dreamed of being able to own your own business and you have a passion for fitness, it may surprise you how little up-front investment is necessary to run a franchise of a high-energy and high-volume kickboxing-style fitness center. With more than 60,000 members around the country, 9Round is catching attention for its innovative and energizing approach to fitness. Offering 30-minute full-body circuit workouts with personal trainers on hand, 9Round fills an underserved niche.

Opening a 9Round Franchise

For first-time franchisees, a fitness franchise is a low-risk way to combine a personal interest in fitness with excellent fiscal returns. Relatively low start-up costs mean that the 9Round model works well for first-time business owners as well as more experienced franchisees. Franchisees not only enjoy a well-designed, supportive network of franchisee training but can also immerse themselves in a rewarding work environment. If you’ve wondered how to own your own business, 9Round’s successful model offers a perfect template. As a 9Round franchisee, it’s possible to combine the dream to own your own business with giving something meaningful back to your community.

  • Overhead is low for 9Round franchises, with just one to five employees on average and none of the expensive equipment needed at more conventional fitness studios.
  • All franchise owners receive four days of intensive training at the 9Round headquarters in Greenville, SC.
  • Entrepreneur magazine named 9Round among the Top 500 Franchises in 2015.
  • Managing your own franchise is a great way to stay active and fit on the job.
  • We provide franchisee assistance Monday through Friday.
  • The 9Round franchising department offers practical, step-by-step advice on how to own your own business.
  • While the FTC does not allow us to divulge franchise earnings, most franchise owners are happy to advise prospective new franchisees on what to expect.

The 9Round Mission

At 9Round, we’re a specialized fitness center with a kickboxing theme. By transforming the unique, high-energy intensity of kickboxing classes into a stripped-down, full-body circuit program, 9Round lets members push their limits through quick, fun workouts. Members can spend just 30 minutes getting a total-body workout under the guidance of on-site personal trainers. As a result, members leave feeling empowered and satisfied, fitting their training conveniently into their schedules. At 9Round, we help individuals enhance their lives through targeted, effective exercise. Take advantage of our franchise opportunities and spread a unique, proven, fun approach to fitness in your community!

  • The 9Round model has no set class times, letting members come at their convenience.
  • Circuit training is proven to maximize your metabolism, so you keep feeling the benefits after you leave the gym.
  • The full-body training method at 9Round effectively works every muscle, every session, for incredibly fast results.
  • Friendly trainers are always there to help at no extra charge.
  • Members can burn up to 500 calories in just half an hour.
  • The bell rings every three minutes, meaning you can quickly get in and get fit.