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Marketing Matters

Marketing Matters

Jen Jones

When completing due diligence on what franchise brand is the best for your investment, taking note of what the marketing department will offer you is one of the most important—yet frequently overlooked—pieces of the puzzle. Everyone acknowledges that purchasing a franchise gives you the toolbox and playbook to succeed if followed properly, but what many people don’t always recognize is that the corporate office’s support extends beyond an operations handbook. 

Marketing drives sales. But oftentimes, the general public has difficulty understanding just how marketing works. Without properly promoting your franchise business on a local level—or without the franchisor spending the extra dollars and effort on a national level—you’re going to have difficulty bringing customers through the door.

At 9Round, the focus of the Home Office Marketing Team (HOMT) is to make marketing as easy as possible for franchisees and maintain strong brand recognition by upholding brand standards across the entire franchise system.  There’s so much that can be managed at a corporate level to free up franchisees’ time to improve operations and manage their employees—something that 9Round believes to be the cornerstone of being a successful franchisee.

The objective of the HOMT is to take away the stress of running the day-to-day marketing so that franchisees have more time to focus on the critical aspects of running their business. Part of the benefit of being in a franchise system is that the franchisor has years of knowledge, data, and a deep understanding of what specific tactics work across every market. The HOMT has a playbook of tactics that they continuously educate franchisees on, with the help of the Franchise Support Coaches and weekly marketing emails.

An important educational point for a potential franchisee, for instance, is to understand what the National Ad Fund does for them. Then, the candidate needs to grasp what their marketing requirements are from their local budget. Besides providing a well-established brand name and image, at 9Round, the HOMT takes care of creative concepting, materials design and development (including print, digital, apparel, products, etc), and creation of nation-wide campaigns and events. On a local level, franchisees are responsible for taking those materials and putting them to work! In order to run a successful franchise, owners must spend time pounding the pavement and carrying out all of those guerrilla marketing tactics suggested by the HOMT, as well as boosting their presence in their communities through local events and partnerships.

A key component of the support and programs that 9Round HOMT provides is in selecting qualified vendors to manage the marketing efforts of franchisees. From social media marketing to pay per click, direct mail, and other member retention and outreach programs, the HOMT thoroughly vets each vendor and negotiates preferred pricing for the entire network. For franchisees who choose to utilize these services, the hard part – selecting a qualified provider of marketing services – has already been done, allowing them to start a marketing initiative with a provider that already knows and understands the brand.

Marketing is a tough concept to tackle, and feeling confident in the corporate team and their abilities is a must before purchasing a franchise. If they aren’t running multiple campaigns that make your life easier, you’re going to be spinning your wheels or not marketing at all. To learn more about the marketing and other support provided by 9Round, click here.