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Northshore Mama Impressed by MYZONE

This week at Northshore Mama's blog, she talks about the benefits of 9Round's newest addition, the MYZONE heart monitoring system. MYZONE is exclusive to 9Round. There are no other kickboxing fitness centers out there that has this type of real time fitness monitoring. Some 9Round fitness centers have already introduced this system to their members; however, others are still in the process of working them into their gyms. MYZONE is the perfect addition to accompany the many extras that 9Round offers it members, and it is also a great way to help each member achieve their fitness goals quickly and safely.



What MyZone does

MYZONE is a new and innovative heart rate based monitoring system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor your physical activity. It not only monitors heart rate but also monitors calories, time and MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs). By using MEPs your focus will be on rewarding effort rather than just tracking your fitness routine. At 9Round, you can see your MYZONE scores displayed on a 46″ tv screen, mounted in the middle of the room for easy viewing. MYZONE can help you reach your health and fitness goals by providing an accurate monitoring system that encourages effort during your fitness routine.


Easy to use

MYZONE is a belt that you can easily attach to your body. Once the belt is on, you will be able to easily track your fitness routine. At the gym, you will see your scores displayed on the monitor; however, as a MYZONE member, you can login to the network and see your results and track all the details of your fitness routine online. You will also receive an email after each fitness routine that will give you a summary of your workout. This type of easy monitoring will help keep you on the right track and ensure that you are giving each and every workout your all. Another MYZONE benefit is that you can challenge your friends. Some of us are motivated by competition, and MYZONE is the perfect tool to allow this.


    You can learn more about the MYZONE monitoring system by checking out the video on Northshore Mama's blog, or you can download the pdf file of the MYZONE informational brochure at 9Round. If you would like to experience the MYZONE system, contact your local 9Round and ask if they are already set up for the MYZONE system.