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Riza Ayson Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Riza Ayson, the owner of 9Round Fountain Valley in California, recently earned the opportunity to be interviewed by Entrepreneur magazine. Entrepreneur magazine has a question and answer column known as Franchise Players, which puts the spotlight on franchisees. These featured franchisees have the chance to lend their advice and any tips they have discovered to owning a business, which can be a huge help to any up and coming entrepreneurs. It also gives them a chance to share why they chose to open their specific franchise and spread the word about their business. We are proud of Riza Ayson for jumping at the chance to share her experience with 9Round and helping to spread the word about our company.

Why franchising

Riza has already opened one business, but she did this from the ground up. As the founder of TextingForward.com, LLC, she loved owning her own business and wanted to expand on that journey. Even though she is still the chief marketing officer at TextingForward.com, LLC, she decided that she wanted to open another business. However, this time she decided that she would go about it a little different. She wanted to use a different type of format than before, a franchise business format. This way she could be given some extra help along the way to opening her business in the form of guidance and structure. She appreciated the chance to own her own business but not have to struggle to launch it from the ground up by herself once again.


Why 9Round

Riza had no idea what sort of business she wanted to open. The only thing she knew for sure was that she wanted to opt for a franchise. So, how did she end up choosing 9Round? About a year and a half ago, Riza had her daughter Layla and ended up gaining about fifty pounds. When Layla was six months old, Riza decided to start working out. It just so happens that she chose 9Round to help her lose that baby weight. After being a fitness instructor for 12 years, she was shocked at how quickly the weight was coming off. She was instantly sold on the 9Round fitness concept and knew this would be her new calling. She could enjoy working at a company that helped people get back in shape and quickly achieve those unattainable fitness goals. She loves that she can talk to her own members and tell them about her experience with 9Round. It is an added plus that they can hear the passion in her voice when she talks about 9Round and how 9Round helped change her life.


Riza knows that the best business to own is one that you enjoy going to everyday and one that you can honestly get behind. Her biggest piece of advice is to choose a franchise that you believe in. It will make the whole process so much easier! And, the “sales process” will be much easier as well. It won’t feel like you are “selling!” She believes in the 9Round fitness philosophy so much that she is hoping to open three more locations by 2016. If you would like to see more of Riza Ayson's interview, you can check it out here. If you are interested in learning more about owning your own 9Round, stop by our franchise web page and fill out the request for consideration form. We look forward to hearing from you.