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Shannon Hudson Talks 9Round With Franchise Interviews

Shannon Hudson had the chance to sit down and discuss 9Round with Marty McDermott. McDermott was extra specially happy by having Shannon Hudson on his show because 9Round is the first franchise of its type to be featured on their show. The interview featured on Blog Talk Radio and hosted by franchise news delved into the mind of Hudson. They discussed the beginning of 9Round, where they are now, where they expect to be in the future and Hudson even gave some advice for future entrepreneurs. It is a great video to see not just for any future 9Round franchisees but also for any up and coming entrepreneurs.



In the beginning

Hudson grew up with a martial arts background. His older brother was in karate, and he followed in his footsteps. His brother ended up buying the karate school right next door to the future 9Round site. He asked Shannon to partner with him, and they grew that one karate school to three karate schools. When Hudson went to college he worked part time as a personal trainer. He saw Curves and how well they were doing and decided that a thirty minute fitness routines would be convenient for many people. However, he wanted to base his fitness routine around his passion, which happened to be kickboxing. This is how he came up with the 9Round fitness concept. From there, he maxed out credit cards and borrowed money to open his 1100 square foot gym. They had no money for marketing, but by the end of the first month they had about 100 members. Hudson then knew 9Round would be a success.


9Round now

Hudson has grown his one starter gym to 136 stores. 9Round seems to have taken the country by storm and is constantly adding new gyms daily. There are now more than 40,000 members countrywide, and even more amazingly most are female. In fact, 9Round is approximately 60% female. Hudson likes to think that the atmosphere helps with this. He wants to lower the intimidation factor and help people feel more comfortable with hitting. You will not find any rings at 9Round, and you will never be asked to hit anyone. There is no person on person grappling. The trainers know your name and interact with you. They give you high fives and fist bumps and try to keep you motivated. All the while, the music is blaring and people are having fun. They like it to feel as if you are in a nightclub but without the drinks.


In the future

Hudson sees nothing but growth ahead for 9Round. The fitness industry is booming, and 9Round will be a part of this. The convenient and effective fitness routine behind the 9Round fitness philosophy will easily be able to take advantage of the rise in health and fitness awareness, and by 2017, Hudson plans to have 1000 stores up and running. He also sees 9Round becoming not just a country wide phenomenon but also a worldwide phenomenon. In fact, two gyms are already in the works to open in Canada. He also has plans set to start opening 9Rounds in Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.


    The interview contained many insightful details that would be helpful for many that may be considering opening their own business. Hudson states that he looks for franchisees that have the right personality. 9Round is in the people business, and you have to be personable to work here. There are many franchisees from many backgrounds, and not all of them have a kickboxing background. As Hudson says, you can teach the kickboxing aspect of 9Round, but you can not teach personality. That is why he recommends that if you are looking for a business try to focus on something that you are passionate about. You do not want to over analyze it and focus too much on the return of your investment. If you like what you do, you will most likely find a way to make this happen. You just have to go out there, take that first step and give it your all.