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Franchise News

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The First International 9Round Officially Opens in Bolton, Ontario

9Round is officially an international company. The first Canadian and international 9Round opened on Saturday, November 8th at 9 AM. Our newest fitness center is conveniently located at 12612 Hwy 50, Unit 17 Bolton, Ontario L7E 1T6 in the McDonald’s Plaza. Danny and Franca Furiguele are the new owners of 9Round Bolton and couldn't be more excited to be the first international 9Round. They can not wait to start spreading the 9Round fitness philosophy with their community and take a lot of pride in being the first to open and promote 9Round in Canada.

A perfect fit

Danny and Franca Furiguele were interested in living a healthier lifestyle and decided their dream of owning their own business should support their this need. They had visited many different fitness franchise shows looking for their best option and came across 9Round and their unique approach to fitness. They automatically fell in love with the entire 9Round concept, and the rest is pretty much history. Danny and Franca are also new to the fitness industry, so they were extremely appreciative of all the help they got from the 9Round corporate office. The fitness and business training is priceless. You can start your own business with no previous experience required because they are with you every step of the way.


The perks

There are many add ons you can get for free at 9Round that many gyms would charge you extra. At 9Round you are charged a monthly membership fee that includes unlimited workouts. Our fitness routine is developed around nine different stations that last for three minutes each. This unique format allows us to offer thirty minute fitness routines that do not require class times, so you can come by any time your schedule allows and jump in within three minutes on the next round. At 9Round Bolton your first month membership will include: gloves, hand wraps, a personal trainer with you every step of the way, a my zone heart rate monitor, a 9Round key tag, access to an online nutritionist and online meal plans developed especially for your body type and fitness goals. Also, if you are one of the first 50 members to sign up at 9Round Bolton, you will get your gloves for free! I know you must be thinking, how can I afford all this? However, do not worry, for only $69 a month, you can become a member of 9Round Bolton.


There are so many reasons to stop by your local 9Round. We want to help you achieve the impossible. If you would like to experience a 9Round fitness routine for yourself, all you have to do is stop by your closest 9Round. We offer everyone a free trial workout to let them see how much fun our routines can be. If you have any questions about 9Round Bolton and their fitness routines feel free to stop by their location, connect with them through their website or call them at 905-857-7622. If you would like to stay up to date on 9Round Bolton's gym news, promotions and specials, please stop by and like their facebook page. They are honored to be the first 9Round in Canada and can not wait to help Canada get fit one hit at a time.