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We know Kickboxing!!

Alot of people wonder about market saturation.  I have to agree, there are gyms everywhere, all of them claiming to be the next best thing.  Some have fancy equipment, some have childcare, aerobic classes, etc, etc, etc.  Bla, Bla, Bla.  Some potential franchisees have expressed a concern regarding other gyms offering a kickboxing class.  That is a valid concern so I want to address it here.

Here is a question for you.  How can Starbucks sell a cup of coffee for $5 when you can buy a cup of coffee for 50 cents at the local convenient store?  Here is the answer.  Starbucks knows coffee and we know Kickboxing.  This type of training is REAL training that professional fighters do to get in the best conditioning possible.  The beauty of this program is each workout consist of aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance training.  Aerobics is great, weight lifting is great, running, biking, swimming are all great.  Here at 9Round we want to open up a whole new world of fitness training that ties in beautifully with all athletes' fitness routines, not to mention the average person who has never thrown a punch or kick in their life.  We want to help you too.

At my company gym is Greenville SC, 40% of my current clientele have other gym memberships.  WHY?  Because they can't get this training anywhere but from the experienced staff at one of the 9Round Gyms.  It's funny, alot of local gyms try to copy what we are doing, however, they do not have the experience and know how of a professional fighter.  I consider that a compliment and I welcome competition.  After all I am a pro fighter.

CEO and Founder

Shannon "the CANNON"