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What 9Round and Chic-Fil-A have in common

Shannon Hudson

The other day, I took my little boy Jackson, to his favorite place to eat.  The thing about this fast food restaurant is that it's always clean, the food is always good, service is excellent, and it's ALWAYS crowded.  On top of that, the place is closed on Sundays.  If you haven't figured it out yet, the place is Chic-Fil-A.  Chic-Fil-A is a huge chain based out of Atlanta GA,. If you're not from the south, you might not have tried on yet, but I'm sure you will one day.

I have read almost all the books by Truett Cathy, the founder of Chic-Fil-A and I remember reading about when someone asked him, "Why do you close on Sunday?".  He said, to observe the day for rest and worship, and to give my competitors a chance. : )    WOW, what a competitive guy, and he was in his 70's when he said that.  Another thing that I noticed when I studied that incredible chain is how they grow and expand.  It's always from internally.  You have to work at a store for a certain amount of time and learn everything from the ground up.  You cannot have but one store and the term of the Franchise Agreement is LIFE.

As the 9Round chain grows and grows a lot of our growth is from within also.  Often times members become trainers and trainers become owners.   It's a great sign.  Trainers learn the ins and outs of the business, everything from cleaning the mats to training the most uncoordinated client, to selling a membership. They eventually can work their way up and have their own 9Round Club.  Franchise owners and the Corporate Office can provide an opportunity for trainers to move up in the system, so we can help more people with our Fitness Program.  We want our trainers to know that this is not a dead end job with 9Round.  The franchise owners are taught how to start trainers out with a try-out shift, then they are taken through an internally developed certification course, and then are taught how to sell memberships and work the floor of 9Round.

9Round 30- Minute Kickbox Fitness will be the Chic-Fil-A of Fitness Franchises.  We will be opening our 60th club within the next week with our goal of having 100 clubs opening by the end of the year.  Don't worry Chic-Fil-A, we not going to start selling Chicken Sandwiches in our clubs.  There's enough business for 9Round and Chic-Fil-A.