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Zachary Lewis, The Plain Dealer, Experiences 9Round

Zachary Lewis, The Plain Dealer, Experiences 9Round

For most of us, it is easy to remember our first 9Round workout. Well, Zachary Lewis, The Plain Dealer, will always remember the first time he went to 9Round. As an author, he likes to get his readers to suggest activities for him to try, and I guess one lucky reader came up with him trying a 9Round workout, and in his latest article, you can see that he gave his all and totally enjoyed his chance at experiencing a 9Round workout.


    Lewis states that he loved the workout, even though it was extremely breathtaking and required a lot of effort and energy. It was a lot of hard work, but there were many positives that come along with this hard work. The first thing would, of course, be how quick you are getting back into shape and achieving those amazing results from your workout. He loved that the 9Round workout required no class times and you can stop by any time they are open to begin a workout. He also loved the heart rate monitor. It is a great perk to go along with your workout, and it encourages you to work your hardest and achieve those amazing results even more quickly.


If you would like to learn more about Zachary’s first workout at 9Round, you can read his article here. If you would like the chance to experience your own workout with 9Round, please visit our website to find a gym near you.