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Among the Fastest Growing Fitness Franchises…

Own A 9Round Franchise

The 9Round Fitness Franchise Opportunity is breaking the mold in the fitness industry. We are dedicated to keeping the business model simple and the cost of entry low.

Our goal is to let people experience the dream of business ownership with a proven business model and plan of action. As the saying goes, "You're in business for-yourself but not by-yourself."

With a proven business model, a network of dedicated support staff, and hundreds of other franchisees, 9Round owners always have somewhere to turn for support and guidance.


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Franchise Investigation Overview

What Is 9Round?

What is 9Round
  • 30 Minute full-body workout.
  • Convenient circuit format for members - a new workout begins every three minutes.
  • Never boring! Nine different stations and the workout changes daily.
  • 1000-1500 sq ft. fitness club.
  • Alternative to "regular gym" - no expensive machines to maintain.
  • Average total investment $91,600 - $133,200.

Our Proven Business Model

The 9Round fitness franchise is a specialized fitness center dedicated to serving clients who want a unique, fun, and proven workout that guarantees results. At 9Round, we offer a kickboxing-themed fitness program that incorporates functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens. The programs consist of a proprietary system of nine challenging workout stations developed by a professional fighter.

9Round business model

The Right Industry:

  • People need fitness and nutritional support now more than ever before.
  • Fitness is a $30 billion industry.

The Right Concept at the Right Time:

  • The 30-minute circuit training concept allows members to work out, even with a busy schedule.
  • Everyone is now recognizing how beneficial kickboxing is for fitness.

The Right Business Model:

  • Our turn-key system makes it simple to own and operate.
  • Each club can operate with two to four employees.
  • No kickboxing experience is needed.

High-Energy, Fun, Exciting Environment

  • 9Round environment

    Upbeat family atmosphere creates a place where people want to go.

  • 9Round environment

    Non-intimidating environment where members never get hit, hurt, or made to feel bad.

  • 9Round environment

    9Round incorporates functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens.

One of the Fastest Growing Fitness Franchises

9Round In The News
  • 2018 - Entrepreneur Magazine ranked 9Round in the prestigious Franchise 500. #197
  • 2017 - INC - 5000 ranked 9Round Franchising #915
  • 2017 - Entrepreneur Magazine ranked 9Round in the prestigious Franchise 500. #121
  • 2016 - Entrepreneur Magazine ranked 9Round in the prestigious Franchise 500. #190
  • 2016 - INC - 5000 ranked 9Round Franchising #413
  • 2015 - Entrepreneur Magazine ranked 9Round in the prestigious Franchise 500. #288
  • 2015 - INC - 5000 ranked 9Round Franchising #471
  • 2014 - Entrepreneur Magazine ranked 9Round in the prestigious Franchise 500. #302
  • 2013 - Entrepreneur Magazine ranked 9Round in the prestigious Franchise 500. #443
  • 2012 - Entrepreneur Magazine ranked 9Round in franchising top trends.
9Round Inside

A Typical 1200 sq.ft. Club

We're In Your Corner Every Step Of The Way

Choose Your Location
We help you select an ideal site and negotiate the lease for your 9Round fitness franchise.

Pre-Opening Training
Attend a four-day training at 9Round World Headquarters to get started on the right foot.

Marketing Support
Use proven 9Round marketing campaigns to launch and promote your new club.
9Round help
In-House Franchise Coach
We help you through the entire build-out process, including computerized layouts, build-out manuals, and more.

Continued Success
You get direct access to a dedicated franchise representative to support you and help you succeed.

Better Health For Members - Better Brand For You

  • Better Nutrition

    Your members get access to 9Round Nutrition, a complete online membership site with Q & A support, a nutrition guide, and more to help them get results faster.

  • Better Rewards

    Weekly fitness challenges and refer-a-friend rewards help your members stay engaged and active.

  • Better Workouts

    Your members get a small club (where everybody knows their name), a short workout based on proven exercise science, and a 9Round trainer to motivate them.

  • Better Trainers

    All trainers are certified through the 9Round University Training Program, so each of your members gets a safe, challenging workout that brings results.

  • Better Technology

    9ROUND PULSE, our heart rate technology, keeps your members in the fat-burning zone, so they get results fast.

Affordable Investment / Let's Compare

To Qualify:
  • $150k Net Worth
  • $30k Liquid Assets
Total Investment:
  • $91,600 - $133,200
Financing Available
Initial Franchise Fee Initial Investment Cost
$30,000 $91,600 - $133,200
$39,500 $327,600 to $634,100
$10,000 $672,600 - $1,658,000


  • The Science Behind the Workout
    Convention 2016 Highlights
  • The Science Behind the Workout
    9Round Owner Drew
  • The Science Behind the Workout
    9Round Owner Isaac
  • The Science Behind the Workout
    9Round Owner Janet
  • The Science Behind the Workout
    9Round Owner Sarah

Franchise Facts

  • Fact #1
    The 9Round franchise model has a low start-up investment and quick build-out, so you can be in business and start generating revenue.
  • Fact #2
    Overhead is low because your 9Round business can be run with two to four employees. Also, there's no expensive equipment, such as treadmills, to replace.
  • Fact #3
    Training your members and showing them how to perform the exercises keeps you fit and increases member retention.
  • Fact #4
    You get training and support that's second to none. The 9Round team has nearly 40 year's experience operating and promoting health clubs.
  • Fact #5
    You get access to the 9Round fitness franchise support team Monday through Friday. We believe in building strong relationships and constant communication.
  • Fact #6
    You don't have to be a "slick salesperson" to enroll members. Experiencing the benefits of 9Round compels people to join on their own.
  • Fact #7
    Your success is determined by two things: your LOCATION and your TRAINERS. We'll help you find the right location and teach you how to put the right trainers in place.
  • Fact #8
    Members love the convenience of 9Round's 30-minute, no-class-time concept. It's a major reason why so many people will join your 9Round club.
  • Fact #9
    How much money can you make with a 9Round club? The FTC does not allow us to make any earnings claims. However, our low start-up cost, low overhead, and explosive growth speak volumes.

Initial Cost

Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $30,000 $30,000
Computer, Technology System, Sound System and Security System $2,500 $3,000
Lease Deposits, Utilities and Insurance $2,000 $5,500
Leasehold Finishes and Fixtures $6,000 $7,000
Leasehold Improvements $0 $15,000
Sound Proofing $0 $10,000
Opening Equipment and Inventory Package $22,500 $22,500
Exterior Signage $2,000 $6,000
Heart Rate Zone System $3,700 $3,700
Shipping and Handling (for both Grand Opening Marketing Materials and Opening Equipment and Inventory Package) $1,000 $2,000
Business License & Professional Fees $400 $1,000
Grand Opening Marketing $9,000 $9,000
Travel, Lodging and Meals for Initial Training Program $1,000 $2,000
Additional Funds - 3 months $11,500 $16,500
TOTAL $91,600 $133,200

Franchise Financing Pre-Qualification


Guidant Financial

Get pre-qualified and learn more about your franchise financing options. Franchise candidates often delay learning about financing their business. This can make buying a franchise a longer, more difficult process. Thankfully, we have a solution that will allow you to pre-qualify for franchise financing in a few minutes and provide educational content to you as well.

Our Pre-Qualification Tool, powered by Guidant Financial, will allow you to see what types of funding options may be available to you, including 401(k) rollovers, SBA loans, unsecured credit, and more. Simply fill out the form and the results will be displayed in seconds. Once your options are displayed, click on the corresponding icons to view detailed videos, brochures, and frequently asked questions. See how fast and easy it is to use. In order to secure capital, you will need to apply for funding.

Get pre-qualified now! **The pre-qualification tool is for informational purposes only.
In order to secure capital, you will need to apply for funding.
Vet Fran


As a Three Star Vet Fran member, 9Round proudly provides 15% off the initial franchise fee for U.S. veterans.



Welcome to FranFund — a total funding solution for franchising and small businesses. We are to small business funding what a concierge is to the hospitality industry: a single, expert resource that will search the marketplace for the best options to fund your new 9Round fitness franchise and then provide you with one or more capitalization solutions based on your individual needs and goals. At FranFund, we do the homework, the legwork, and the paperwork, so you can focus on growing your business.

Whether you are looking for a loan, utilizing existing retirement funds, or something a little more creative, FranFund can help you achieve your goals. Ask about our revolutionary FranFundSelect® program, which provides loans up to $150,000 with no minimum cash injection! Fill out our no-obligation pre-qualification tool and let's get started!

Franchise Registry

Franchise Registry - Making Franchise Lending Better

By connecting more than 7,000 lenders to every franchise in the FRANdata database, the Franchise Registry provides the information, services, and support that facilitate tens of thousands of loans to franchisees each year.


How many ways can I make money with a 9Round Franchise?
Membership and merchandise sales are the two big ways to generate revenue. We will show you how to maximize both of these.
What is the Franchise Fee?
$30,000 for 1 license/location
$55,000 for 2 licenses/locations ($5,000 Savings)
$75,000 for 3 licenses/locations ($15,000 Savings)
*Note: To receive the discount on multiple locations, they must be purchased at one time. Only qualified candidates can purchase multiple locations at one time.
What does the training involve?
You will visit the 9Round training facility in Greenville, SC. You will go through a four day intensive training program that will teach you not only how to kick and punch but also how to operate the business. Also, you will have training from one of the best boxing trainers in the world, Mr. Xavier Biggs.
What is the term for owning a 9Round Franchise?
10 years
What is the perfect location size for a 9Round Franchise?
1000-1500 square ft. of retail space is just right. We've found that a small space is more intimate, and allows you to give every client a personal touch.
Is 9Round listed on the Small Business Administration Franchise Registry?
Yes, we are, and this is a very valuable benefit in seeking financing to open your 9Round gym. The SBA Franchise Registry is a prestigious national online listing of approved franchise systems whose franchisees and existing franchisees receive accelerated loan processing through your lender and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). This is a tool that lenders use for expediting your loan requests. This is a rigorous process that 9Round went through to bring value to you in financing your 9Round and to show our commitment to supporting your success. Banks that provided SBA financing use this service as a form of "reference check," and this saves you tremendous amounts of time in waiting for financing decisions. Also, the 9Round candidate or existing franchisee is provided with higher levels of service and quicker loans. Franchise systems not listed on the site are not eligible for expedited loan processing through the SBA.
What is the ongoing royalty fee?
We have a fixed flat royalty. This helps a club owner know exactly what the expenses will be. $550 United States | $600 Canada

Franchise Blog

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    16 Aug 2018
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