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How to Overcome Your Stalled Fitness Routine

How to Overcome Your Stalled Fitness Routine

Have you been working out consistently, eating healthy for weeks, and even started to notice changes to your body? Did you continue the same routine every day for the next couple of months, and then, all of a sudden, did your progress seemed to come to a halt? I know you’re probably thinking, “What is going on?” “I was seeing results and now there has been no progress.” You’ve officially hit a plateau. Hitting a plateau can be really frustrating (trust me, I know), but don’t worry! It happens to all of us no matter what type of body we have or our fitness level. In fact, I’ve recently found myself in the same situation, but I’m slowly getting back on track. I hope you find these tips helpful to get you through your stalled fitness routine! 


Breathe - I know it sounds silly, but hear me out. Sometimes we don’t see results, or we feel like our fitness routine isn’t working. So, we most likely find ourselves taking the easy route and deciding to give up. Take a deep breath and remind yourself of the reason behind your fitness goals, whether it’s to lose that last five pounds or to run that 5K in under 30 minutes. You need to focus on what you’ve been working so hard for and do not let a few bad days be the reason to stop. Here’s a great example: this past weekend my cheat meal turned from one day into THREE days, and I went completely off track with my fitness routine. Instead of feeling disappointed in myself and starting over, I took a deep breath and said, “I will keep going.” I truly believe it starts all in the mind. If you truly believe that your body is capable of doing something, that’s what matters most! 


Let Your Body Rest - When doing circuits or performing any type of exercise, proper rest is extremely important to help you reach your fitness goals. Resting is essential to allowing your muscles the chance to recover. If you are working out relentlessly without giving yourself a rest day every few days, that can be a reason why you are no longer seeing any results! 


Change Your Workout Routine - If you are used to doing the same exact fitness routine week after week, it may be time to switch things up! Adding variety to your workouts will help prevent your exercises from becoming ineffective. 9Round is the gym to go to if you are searching for a different type of workout each and every time you visit. 9Round is known for their unique workouts that are constantly changing each and every day to keep your workouts effective and you excited and looking forward to your workout. 


Identify Your Weak Point- Everyone has muscles or parts of their body that are strong and weak. For example, my legs have always been pretty strong. It takes more work for me to build muscle and strength in my arms and abdominal area. Find your weak link and strengthen it to make your muscles work harder and grow faster. During my workouts, I love the round kicks, squats and lunges (some may think I’m crazy), but I don’t look forward to punching it out on the bag for 30 seconds. Why? Because I know my arms aren’t as strong as I’d like them to be. So, when the 30 second bell rings - I give it my all. I punch as hard and fast as I can to make sure that I’m really working all the different muscles in my arms and shoulders. 


Wear a Heart Rate Monitor - I know everyone is familiar with what heart rate monitors are, but most of us are unaware of the importance of wearing one during our workouts. I absolutely love my MYZONE Heart Rate Monitor. I use it during every 9Round workout and even when I go for my runs during the week. With my monitor, I am able to see how much effort (or not) that I am putting into my exercise. If I’m in the “blue zone,” I know it’s time to kick it up a notch, if I want to continue seeing results! MYZONE provides instant and ongoing feedback helping people get in shape and stay active anywhere.


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