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I Reached My Goals! Now What?

I Reached My Goals! Now What?

When it comes to individuals with body transformation goals, it's very common for them to ask questions such as, "I reached my goal; now what do I need to do?" Every time I get asked this question, my answer is the same and very streamlined. And the answer is, "the exact same things you did to get to this point." As simple and straightforward as this answer is, there is a catch. And the catch is this; how did the individual reach their goal?


All too often, individuals set their goals based around body weight and they want to hit a certain number. And herein lies the problem. When we set weight loss goals (as opposed to body transformation and body fat loss goals), it's this focus on body weight that can lead individuals into the diet-mentality. For example, if an individual loses a lot of weight by going on a food fad and/or crash diet, the reality is this; this weight loss is just going to be very temporary. As fast as this individual loses weight, they will gain it right back (and possibly even more). And this is proof once again why dieting is so disastrous for individuals and does not work (when it comes to achieving meaningful and sustainable results for lifetime). Traci Mann, who conducts research at the University of Minnesota’s Health and Eating Lab, refers to this fast, diet-induced, weight loss as the honeymoon stage. The early, honeymoon stage seems great; but it’s going to get a lot harder soon.


Many times, overweight and obese individuals will adopt the following mindset, "I'm just using this diet to jumpstart my weight loss. And then, I will start to eat right." The problem with this is that the diet that this individual is adopting is not sustainable. And, the individual is well aware of this, hence their ‘jumpstart’ mindset. Therefore, this "jumpstart" of weight loss is going to be very temporary. Most likely, this diet consisted of extremely low calorie, low carbohydrate, etc. Sure, this may produce a fast weight loss, but again, a very temporary weight loss. And that's why, as mentioned above, there is a catch to the following statement, "continue to do exactly what you have been doing to get to this point." If a dieter reaches their body weight goal, its neither realistic nor sustainable for them to keep doing what they did to lose the weight. Their body weight will go up so quickly when they start to eat and fuel their body properly and then the frustration cycle begins for them. And this is one of the main reasons we want to avoid diets and weight loss goals (rather, we want to focus on eating right, fueling the body properly, body transformation and body fat loss). According to Traci Mann, people are too uptight about their weight and they handle this uptightness in a foolish way that does not work (and that would be dieting). Always keep in mind what a DIET is; it's a Disaster Imminent Every Time™!


When individuals reach their body transformation goals and they have adopted 9Round Nutrition and they are eating right and fueling their body properly, fantastic; they are setting themselves up for great results. There's a big difference between "results" and "change." Change is very temporary and this is what happens when individuals go on a diet. A diet that produces fast weight loss does not provide results for the individual. Rather, it just provides a temporary change to their body weight (refer to Mann's 'honeymoon' stage). But, when individuals eat right and properly fuel their body, this will help assist in reducing body fat (not just body weight) and this will help to produce meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime (not just temporary change). And the key of course to achieving meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime from this point forward is for the individual to continue doing what they have been doing; eating right and working out smart.


When 9Round Nutrition is combined with the 9Round workout and 9Round heart rate training, and body transformation goals are achieved, look out! Now we are on the right track and this is when things start to get very exciting. When an individual is eating right and working out smart (following the proper heart rate zones) and they achieve their body fat loss and body transformation goals, the next step becomes seamless for them. All they need to do is keep on keeping on. They have changed their habits and they have adopted a lifestyle of eating right (not dieting). These new habits are now ingrained in them and their mindset is completely different. No more are they worried about losing weight. Rather, their focus is fueling the body properly and working out smart. And because this mindset and habit change has brought them such amazing body transformation success, and they have reached their goals, they simply need to continue to do the exact same things that they did to reach these goals.


At this stage, once individuals reach their body transformation goals, nutrition and workout consistency becomes key. During this body transformation journey, these individuals were amazingly consistent and they have great results to show for it.  They continued to build muscle during their 9Round workouts. They continued to maximize their bodies ability to burn fat (and preserve the muscle) during their 9Round workout by working out smart and working out in the proper heart rate zones. And they continued to fuel the muscle properly by focusing on and implementing 9Round Nutrition, each and every day.


In summary, when you reach your body transformation goals, reflect on the journey and enjoy the wonderful moment. And then, it's time to keep the foot on the gas, as this is critical for continued results that will lead to meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime. Continue to focus on three main aspects; build the muscle (9Round workout), preserve the muscle (work out smart by working out in the proper heart rate zones using the 9Round heart rate training system) and then fuel the muscle (9Round Nutrition). Are you ready to achieve meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime?


Workout Smart, Eat Right, Get Results™!


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

9Round Nutrition Coach

Named One of America’s PremierExperts® in Nutrition & Fitness

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