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Snack Time!

Snack Time!

Football season is in full swing and this means tailgating, weekend football parties and more. In no way does this mean that our nutrition has to become a downward spiral disaster. We can still enjoy these gatherings, eat right and not create a setback on our health & fitness journey. When it comes to tailgating, football parties, holiday parties, etc., we just have to make a few adjustments.


Here is a very common scenario. An individual has a fun event coming up and they know there is going to be some great food. And, they want to really enjoy all of the great eats. So, what does this individual do? Well, it's very typical for this individual to 'save up' calories. They eat very little the day of (and often times the days leading to this event). Their thinking is that they will 'save up' calories and then 'spend' all of their calories at the event. Uh-oh, a very, very fast downward spiral is in the making, why? It's because this individual now arrives at the event at much higher than normal hunger level. And as a result, their food consumption at this event is off the charts. They eat so much, so quickly and for hours on end. Following this overeating session, the individual feels miserable and says, 'I'll never eat like that again, I feel miserable." Now, what is the next step the individual takes? Well, they wake up the next day and now they want to punish themselves for the binge eating session. So, they do not eat (and probably workout more) in order to 'make up' for the calorie-overload the day before. In my 3-DVD set, Rx Nutrition, I call this the 'Save Up-Make Up' mindset.


Now, the person goes through the day, thinking they are doing well by not eating anything or eating very little. But what happens as the day progresses? As a result of depriving the body of fuel most of the day, food cravings are now through the roof and what happens once again? Yes, you guessed it; due to the out-of-control food cravings caused from the 'make up', they overeat and binge eat once again. And the viscous cycle continues. 


The key to success is to break this cycle of the 'Save Up-Make Up' mindset and change the mind set and change the execution. All we need to do is fuel the body as we normally would. We never, ever want to save up calories. By fueling the body right away upon awakening and every 3 hours thereafter, we set the body up for success. This way, we get to the event at a very normal hunger level. This way, it’s simply time to eat and fuel the body. You will then choose the right volume of foods because you are at normal hunger level (and not ravenous, ready to chew off your arm!). You can enjoy all of the foods at the event and then a few hours later, guess what? It's fueling time again, sweet! Have another serving and enjoy. You then go to bed that night feeling amazing and you still enjoyed the foods at the event. You wake up the next day, on-point, and ready to crush it (instead of trying to make up for the calorie-overload the day before); you will feel amazing. Always remember, feeling amazing, feels amazing!


Here is a great meal/snack that will rock any tailgate and football party. It is very easy to prepare, it tastes great and is well balanced. This high-octane meal/snack will fuel the body with the following:

  • 316 calories
  • 59% carbohydrate
  • 23% protein
  • 18% fat



1/4 cup 4-Italian Cheese, Shredded, Reduced Fat (80 cals)

1/4 cup Beans, Black, Cooked (56 cals)

1/2 cup Salsa (40 cals)

1 Pita Bread, 100% Whole Wheat (140 cals)



Mix salsa, beans and cheese together. Cut Pita bread into small pieces; warm or toast Pita bread if you choose. Enjoy this salsa, bean & cheese dip/spread with your Pita!


Game time and snack time can be great tasting and at the same time, keep you right on target with your health & fitness goals!


Workout Smart, Eat Right, Get Results™!


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

9Round Nutrition Coach

Named One of America’s PremierExperts® in Nutrition & Fitness

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year