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Am I Making You Feel Uncomfortable? Perfect!

Heather Hudson

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t…you are RIGHT!”-Henry Ford

I’m in the people business. I’m really in the goal business, if that’s such a thing. I ask people all the time, “What are your fitness goals?” The answer is often, “Lose weight.” I immediately say, “How MUCH weight?” And, more than half the time, I get the following response: “Well, I’d LOVE to lose 30 pounds, but we’ll just say 20.”

I jump all over that type of thinking and give some tough love! Why cut yourself short like that?

Why?...Because, that person doesn’t really BELIEVE they can lose 30, so they have predetermined that they’ll just settle for 20….How sad is that? Our mind is 99% of who we are. If you believe strongly that you’ll always be 10 lbs over your ideal weight, then that will continue to be your reality. Even if you do all the right things on the outside! If this is a shock to you, just be excited that you’ve found advice that will significantly increase your results if utilized correctly! Let’s revisit the above scenario with the person settling for just losing 20 pounds. This is a person who basically is saying to themselves “I want to be successful, but not TOO successful. 30 pounds would make me sublimely happy and I don’t know if that’s ok. Maybe I’m not comfortable with that level of awesomeness!”

If this is stirring up some really uncomfortable feelings for you….good! KEEP READING. We are now entering the outside of your comfort zone…where results happen! If you’re feeling icky reading this, then, guess what?...you too have some sort of similar limiting belief!

Keep going…Think internally, push through the icky feeling, and focus…Ask yourself: are there areas of my life where I’m actually AFRAID to truly admit what my ultimate goal would be? Some of us are too afraid to really admit what we want because we just don’t believe we can ever have it and it’s too painful to think of our true desire.

I want you to push through this feeling and write down 3 ultimate desires that make you really feel uncomfortable or even sad! I’m sorry if this isn’t fun…Neither are 1000 lunges, but they get results! Let’s keep going! After you can get through this icky sticky static, you can see clearly on the other side of fear….relief! A sense of, “what was I so scared of?!” I CAN DO THIS AND YOU KNOW WHAT?! I DESERVE IT!

Get mad! Get determined! You might even have chills now! GREAT! Fear be gone! Now comes strength. Now comes an awakening! Burning desire trumps fear if you’re willing to feel that stupid fear and do it anyway! Fear, shmear! When you stand toe to toe with you fear, it’s usually not long before you see that your fear was just bluffing. It isn’t as big and bad as it was acting. In fact, it’s actually quite small and it’s more scared of you than you were of it. It could now be shocking, standing there staring at this wormy looking amoeba of a fear that was a dragon a minute ago. You’re “fear” now shrinks in the face of your confidence and determination to slay it!

Now, go tackle that goal and know, no one ever helped or inspired anyone else by settling for less than they knew they should be in the first place. Only those who first built themselves up to a place of success are able to reach a helping hand down and help the next person find the bravery to do the same. I hope this lesson can get you fired up enough to realize that YOU deserve this as well. May you be blessed and rewarded for believing in yourself!