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Exercise Myths Debunked

In today's world of fitness there are new developments made everyday. Researchers spend a lot of time trying to find the best way to help us stay fit. They are proving and disproving exercise myths as fast as the media can put the theories out there. Here are just a few exercise myths that we can disregard.


  1. If you exercise for a long time at a low intensity, you will burn more fat. This is not true. You need to look at how much energy you need to put into an activity to understand how much fat you will burn, meaning the higher intensity the more calories or fat you will burn. However, you should not think you can go ahead and exercise at a high intensity for a long amount of time. If you are new or returning to your fitness routine this will not be a safe bet. You should always build yourself up gradually and stay safe by making sure you do not overstep your fitness level.
  2. You need to workout often and at a high intensity for your fitness routine to be beneficial. This belief can keep many from starting or maintaining a fitness routine. However, research has shown time and again that any exercise is better than none. Researchers have stated that three 30 minute sessions a week can drastically help in reducing the risk of heart disease. So, you do not need to schedule a lot of time to exercise, but whatever time you can fit in will help you along the way.
  3. Overweight individuals are not as likely to benefit from exercising. Any individual that adds a fitness routine to their lives can benefit from it. Fitness can make any individual regardless of weight healthier. Studies have proven that overweight individuals who participated in some type of regular fitness routine have a lower risk of all-cause mortality than individuals who did not participate in any form of physical activity, regardless of their weight. We need to remember that a person's weight has no effect on the benefits of their fitness routine.


The best tip to stick by is to add some sort of physical activity to your life. It can help you stay fit and healthy. All you need to do is find something you know you will stick with. It does not need to be something popular that everyone is doing. You should pick something you enjoy and stick with it.