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Fitness is Not an Event

Fitness is Not an Event

Heather Hudson

Did you know that January 15th is the official date that 90% of New Year's Resolutions are dropped?

Think of it. It only takes 15 days for most people to give up on their fitness goals. Why is that?

When it comes to fitness, media has unfortunately perpetuated for YEARS the false idea that you can get fit in two weeks, 10 days, one month or some other ungodly short amount of time. 

Many of us are now subconsciously seeking that magic fitness solution and so, when results aren't showing up by 10 or 15 days or even a month, our human nature gets discouraged and says, "This stuff doesn't work! I need to find something else!"

This is so sad to see because if people only knew that results ARE happening under the surface, even though they cannot be seen today, they would keep on going.

Every before and after that you see went through the "15 day doubt". They went through not seeing results for weeks at first. The difference? They kept doing it.

What's unfortunate is that no one sees the events between the before and after picture! A real before and after would need to be an album of hundreds of pictures.

  • They would need to show all the mornings that person woke up too sore to want to move.
  • They would need to show that person hitting snooze too many times, more than once, and almost missing their workout.
  • They would need to show all the parties and social events they attended and didn't have dessert or alcohol.
  • How about showing the hundreds of meals with their family where they didn't eat the appetizer in front of them or eat more than one roll, or when they made sure the waiter put the dressing on the side and didn't brush their steak with butter, or when they ordered their baked sweet potato plain.
  • It would need to show all the nights they sat on the couch with their spouse and didn't have their nightly glass of wine and had hot tea instead. 

But no one sees that. They just see the amazing after. 

The truth is that the journey to weight loss isn't that sexy or fun. The sexy fun comes after all the hard work is behind you! It does require that you have a very, very deep WHY, or you are likely to give up quickly when all the above temptations hit you.

Figure out your why and make that your new standard in life. When something is your standard, it isn't an option anymore. It's who you are.

Take a deep breath and read the next sentence: the size you are right now is really, deep down, ok with you, or you wouldn't have allowed yourself to get there. That's the hard honest truth. We can think we HATE our size, but until we hate it enough we won't change it.

Until you decide that this size is no longer acceptable by your standards, you probably won't change. Or, you'll change and then quickly be back to the larger size again. 

Truly change by changing your why, and changing your standards. It is the only true way to success. Up your standards for yourself and watch your life change as a result! 

Fitness doesn't have an end. It is a lifestyle. When you make your lifestyle reflect a fit person's lifestyle, you have unleashed the magic that will change you and your life.

That's a promise.