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***Exciting update to our new addition coming soon to 9Round Austin***

John Lee

We now have the big screen TV mounted on the back wall and we are waiting for the MyZone system to arrive in a couple of weeks!! This is another example of what sets 9Round apart from everyone else. We are so excited to bring this to our members

Members can purchase their own heart rate monitor that will be registered to their own web account. When you come into 9Round, your heart rate will automatically show up on the big screen TV. We want you to be in the fat burning zone (the yellow zone!) so during your workout the trainers will be able to challenge you in order to maximize your results. You will know how many calories you burn and can earn points for the effort you put forth. 

You can also use this outside of 9Round and then the next time you come back into 9Round, it will update everything you did while away and you will be able to track all of your progress.