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The Five People Who Need Kickboxing

The Five People Who Need Kickboxing

Craig Valier

Author: Jacob Clark, Lead Trainer at 9Round Greenwood, IN

9Round is filled with all different types of people. In Greenwood, our membership is made up of 300 members, whose ages range 14 to 65 years old. It takes special coaches, and a scalable program to meet with those varied needs. Kickboxing still has the moniker of an ‘extreme’ sport; that makes it intimidating to step into. 9Round hopes to kick down that barrier, and get everyone to take a few swings of their own. The  benefit from a HIIT workout is heavily highlighted, but kickboxing has added benefits that are often overlooked. Let me show you how we can help: 
The Parent  Our Pulse heart rate monitor system tracks the heart rate and calories burnt by our members. In half an hour, most members burn between 350 and 450 calories. You aren't going to beat that walking on a treadmill. Balancing a workout between your job and that baseball game you can't miss is tough. We make it easy to get the most of your time, and time is everything for a parent. You can run a couple hard miles, or you can get detailed instruction and punch out your frustrations. As my parents use to say, “Make good choices.”
The Uncoordinated    I hear someone tell me, “Sorry, I’m so uncoordinated” almost every day. Kickboxing isn't a cakewalk, and you don't come into it moving like Mike Tyson. You aren't uncoordinated, you're unpracticed. No one wants to face that in order to move well, you have to ‘embrace the awkward’ and suffer through little failures. And that's how you get better! Kickboxing is a sport where accuracy and attention to detail are rewarded, but missing punches is part of that process.   If you're learning a new language, immersion will help you learn the fastest. Diving in and training often will lead to progress. If you're lacking coordination, ​challenge your coordination. That's how we grow.  

The Yo-yo Dieter    People who lose weight and regain in repeatedly are great candidates for kickboxing because consistency is rewarded. Kickboxing against the bags is really a fight against yourself. There is no ‘team,’ except a room full of people with a common goal. Punching bag work is you versus you, and you'll earn every improvement you make and every calorie you burn.    Dieting programs need to be lifelong to be successful, and exercise programs mirror that sentiment. Be consistent, build self driven discipline, and last, build your own confidence. Nothing says ‘I am powerful’ like landing a hard kick. And that level of self satisfaction translates to self respect and better choices for your personal health.
The Aging    There are a number of boxing and kickboxing programs geared specifically toward elderly adults. The accuracy elements of striking sports are beneficial to cognitive function. You're not
just working out- you're building hand eye coordination, balance that reduces your risk of falls, a better VO2 max, and a improving visual accuaty.    We have a program called the Birthday Club at 9Round. You do one three minute round for every year you're alive on your birthday, and we write you up on the board. In Greenwood, the current leader is 58. That means she performed 3 hours and 14 minutes of kickboxing in a single day. If you're approaching sixty, ask yourself what you're capable of, and then rethink that answer.
The Athlete   I’ve had a couple of kids come in the door expecting it to be easy. Those are always fun for me.    9Round is built to cater to your ability. That's why it's a circuit and not a big, everyone doing the same thing at once, group class. As a coach I get the opportunity to challenge you individually , and I intend to.    Outside of the physical challenge, kickboxing builds footwork and hand speed that translates to nearly all other sports. In my twelve years of training and kickboxing, I’ve helped baseball players react faster, volleyball player's jump higher, tennis players change direction more efficiently, and golfers build rotation strength in their core.    Kickboxing covers every base. 
Incredible Value   I believe in what I teach. Come in, be curious, and know that if you’re open to it 9Round and kickboxing can deliver what you’re looking for.  


To sign up for your free workout at the Avon location, follow this link: https://www.9round.com/fitness/Avon-IN-x9726