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Are you doing to this to your kids??

Drew Brashier

We always hear that our future lies with our children. I think that it is safe to say that if this is the way we are raising our children, then we are in for a rough time in the years to come.

It is no secret that obesity is a pretty big issue in our society. We cannot expect our children to get things under control if we do not take the time to the time and effort to teach them how to make the right choices.IMG_09822

Schools are beginning to implement more healthy options into the cafeterias but our busy, on the go life styles have made healthy home cooked meals a rare occurrence. Don’t get me wrong, my kid likes chicken nuggets and fries as much as any kid. However, it is way more common for him to get a bowl full of fruit. We have made the conscious decision in our house to make good nutrition and exercise a common routine. It is not unusual for my 3 year old to ask to do exercises, or take any opportunity to show off his push-ups or jumping jacks. If you ask him what makes us healthy, he will tell you fruit, vegetables, and working out. Now I don’t say this to brag on how awesome my son is…. Even though he is pretty awesome. I say this to show you how easy it is to begin teaching these habits.

So you may be asking “How do we teach this?”

It is pretty simple. We teach by example. We don’t have to make huge changes and create lessons on doing a workout. Our children are observant. If they see that health and fitness are important to us, they will begin to pick up on our habits. Conversely, if we are being examples of bad habits, they will begin to pick those up as well. Where ever we lead, they will follow. If our children are our future, then it is our responsibility to lead them to a happy and healthy one.