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Double your pleasure, double your fun…

If you are going to do any kind of boxing/kickboxing training, you basically will use 3 different types of bags. You will generally use some form of heavy bag, speed bag, or a double end bag. We will talk about each of them at some point, but for today, I want to talk about the double end bag. Love it or hate it, this little bag is one of the best in the gym. You get the benefits of accuracy, speed and timing just like the speed bag; paired with the ability to practice proper punching techniques and movement as with a heavy bag.

The double end bag is designed to mimic an opponent’s head movement. Unlike a heavy bag that just swings from side to side waiting for you to hit it, the double end bag bounces in various directions which will require increased accuracy and timing if you want to hit it with effective punches. Like the speed bag, you also have to have quick and rhythmic hand speed if you have any hope of actually hitting the bag properly. There is a big difference between punching power and punching skill. The proper use of a double end bag will help you to develop punching skill which, in turn, can help to improve your punching power and effectiveness.

Now, since we don’t actually train for fighting, here is where we want to focus:

The double end bag also increases your conditioning and endurance. Since you can’t simply slam punches into it like a heavy bag, you must control your technique and punching power. To do this you have to expand and contract your muscles differently in order to work the bag effectively. You also have to be sure to always keep your hands up and in order to avoid the bag hitting you right back in the nose. By punching quickly and accurately, while bouncing on your toes, and moving around the bag, you continue to incorporate a full body exercise. By using technique and speed as well as proper movement, you are also able to see great cardiovascular results.

When you first see it, you wouldn’t think much of this small unassuming bag, but ask any real boxer or trainer and they will tell you that the double end bag is one of the most important bags in the entire gym.