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Fitness Quotes: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When we go on any of the multiple social media sites out there, we are sure to come across people posting about their fitness routine with a cute little fitness quote added to it. These cute little quotes are meant to either inspire or shame us into achieving a better body, but what if you come across a quote that you just don't agree with or really upsets you. It can be frustrating working out every day and trying to compare yourself to others. It is important to never let anyone make you feel bad about your fitness habits if you are truly giving it your all. Today I will look at some of the more popular and destructive quotes out there and give you my two cents on them.



  1. “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Kate Moss made this saying popular. However, I would venture to say that her eating and fitness habits are not all that great. Besides, is my goal to be bony and skinny? Not really....how about healthy , toned & happy?  Never get too extreme, because that is when you really start losing ground in your fitness routine.

  2. “Push past the pain.” You have to know your limits and how far you can push without injuring yourself. If you feel a little tired or sore the next day, you can be sure you did a good job at working those muscles, and you need time to let them heal before you push that hard again. However, if you are in hunched over I can't ever move again pain, you know you went way too far past your limits. You can easily hurt yourself if you do not know the difference. Pain is your body's way of telling you to ease off a little, and if you ignore this signal, you may find yourself missing a few workout routines or even worse visiting your doctor. So, be careful and when your body sends you signals, pay attention.

  3. “No excuses.” Does this mean you always have to workout? There are actually many times when you should not workout. You could be sick or injured or just plain tired. It feels good to take a break every now and then, especially if it will help you stick to your fitness routine. Many people like to give themselves a reward day or time off from their fitness routine to help ease the monotony of doing the same thing over and over. Your body may not always feel like exercising, and it is your decision if you do not feel healthy enough to exercise that day or if you feel as if you deserve a little break.


Fitness quotes are all in fun, but I would hate for someone to have unrealistic ideas or even hurt themselves because of one misleading quote. You need to remember to consult your doctor or personal trainer if you want to know the cold hard facts and never take a social media quote as face value. These quotes are meant to be fun and cute not all of them seem to be the perfect fitness advice.