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It Starts With You,  What's Your Choice?

It Starts With You, What's Your Choice?

How important is maintaining a good, high quality and consistent health, fitness and nutrition regimen? Well, it's life changing and life transforming. All too often, individuals do not start taking their health and fitness journey seriously until it becomes life threatening. Let's take an individual with heart disease due to poor lifestyle choices and ends up having a double, triple or quadruple bypass surgery; this is life threatening, no doubt.


According to the World Heart Federation, the role of diet is crucial in the development and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Diet is one of the key things you can change that will impact all other cardiovascular risk factors.



 What typically happens after an individual goes through such a procedure and has this very serious "wake-up call?" Well, it's not uncommon to see such individuals make amazing lifestyle and behavior changes which lead to life changing body transformations. They start eating right, working out smart and losing a ton of body fat.


Now, what was the common verbiage from such individuals prior to having this surgery? What you hear so often from such individuals is, "I've tried everything, I just cannot lose weight" or, "nothing works for me; I work out all the time and still can't lose weight."


 And then, isn't it interesting that immediately following this life-threatening condition and life-threatening surgery that "all of a sudden" they can lose weight and body fat? This is a great thing of course; this individual had their wake-up call and they became determined to make lifestyle and behavior changes. Prior to, they had a mindset that they could not engage in a healthy lifestyle.


Research makes it clear that abnormal blood lipid (fat) levels have a strong correlation with the risk of coronary artery disease, heart attack and coronary death. In turn, abnormal blood lipids are related to what you eat.


So the point is this, let's treat every meal, every snack, every day as if your life depended on it. Do you want to wait until it's too late? Do you want to wait until you are diagnosed with a life-threatening condition that was brought about due to your lifestyle choices? No way, right? It could be too late at that point. So, let's treat our bodies with the utmost respect. Let's treat our nutrition and fitness lifestyle as if our life depended on it.


When we take our health and fitness this seriously, amazing results will follow. And, not just amazing results temporarily; rather, this will produce meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime. So the next time you're on the fence about working out because maybe you are tired or had a long day; or, the next time you are on the fence about making the right meal choice versus the unhealthy meal, take a step back, take a deep breath and then make the choice and decision as if your life depended on it. Here's to a lifetime of great health and great fitness!


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year