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Heavy Weights for a Skinnier You

There are many reasons to consider adding a weight lifting component to your exercise routine. However, when you hear the term heavy weights, you probably think of some huge and bulked up body builder. However, this perception could not be more untrue. Did you know that using heavy weights could actually put you on the fast track to losing those excess pounds? Most of us are looking for that quick fix to losing weight and toning our bodies and adding weights or increasing the weights we currently use in our fitness routines may be the perfect way to quickly achieve our weight loss and fitness goals.

Quickly lose any excess weight

Most of us are looking for the fastest and most efficient way possible to shed those excess pounds. According to Katy Clark, a trainer and healthy chef, whatever weight you are using, if you are not tired or feeling it by rep number ten then you need to go for a weight that is a little bit heavier. If you are constantly progressing and increasing your weight, you will quickly be able to notice changes in not only your strength but also your muscle mass, and as many of us know, muscle burns more calories than fat. Therefore, your increased muscle mass will lead to more calories burned, which in turn burns fat faster. Therefore, in order to achieve your maximum fat burning potential, your best bet may be to add some weight lifting exercises to your current fitness routine.

Tone and reshape your body

Cardio is an important component of your fitness routine and a well-known and effective way to help you burn fat and lose weight. However, if you want to achieve that strong and sculpted look, you will need to have more than just cardio in your fitness routines. You will need to add weights to your workout to shape and tone your body. According to Tia Falcone, the trainer who helped Miss America lose fifty pounds, cardio does not allow you to reshape your body. She states that you will look the same as you were before but only as a smaller version of yourself. All your flaws and so called problem areas will remain untouched and stay the same because you are basically just shrinking yourself and not toning your body. If you add weights to your routine, you will be able to reshape and tone your flaws and problem areas.

    It may be a little scary at the beginning of your weightlifting routine but remember to take it slow and gradual. Nice and easy is the best way to start because if you start out too heavy, you will be sure to injure yourself and put an unexpected end to your weight loss journey. Therefore, it is best for you to experiment at first by trying out different types of weights and sizes and seeing which weight you are more comfortable using. The rule of thumb is to usually find a weight that in eight to twelve reps will cause your muscles to work hard and have you feeling the burn. It is also important to keep going for a heavier weight once you get too relaxed with your current weight. You need to challenge your body but not push too far past your limits to achieve the best results.