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How to Stick with Your Fitness Routine

Most of us have tried to commit to a fitness routine at least once. It may be our New Year's resolution or the beginning of summer and bikini season. However, for whatever reason many of us end up falling a little short of our fitness goals. We all can easily come up with an excuse to drop our fitness routines, even when we know the many benefits associated with working out consistently. However, we all need to look at exercise as a necessity and make getting fit a priority. When we do this, we should find it much easier to stick with our fitness routines. Here are a few tips that should help you along the way.




Set a smart goal

You need to have some sort of goal in mind when you begin a fitness routine. Your goal needs to be one that will motivate you and help you stick with your fitness routine. You want something that is challenging, but do-able. In other words, you should not begin a fitness routine thinking you are going to lose twenty pounds in a week. This is impossible and will only leave you frustrated and wanting to quit before you start. Now, if you aim to lose two pounds a week, then you could work hard and reach this goal, and once you reach your goal, you will start gaining some momentum. You will be excited to workout and proud of your progress.


Stay moving on rest days

Movement is important. Remember what they say “a body at rest stays at rest and a body in motion stays in motion.” Habits that we are founding can die fast if we aren’t doing something daily. On your rest days, make it your aim to take 15 minutes to stretch or do light movement, such as a stroll or gardening. The aim here is simply to keep a routine established, not necessarily focusing on another workout.


Make a killer playlist

Nothing can get you pumped up and ready to go like music. Music can be energizing and motivating at the same time. Just put on some of your favorite tunes and see how fast you are ready to take on the world. You are now powerful and invincible. If you’re really savvy, plan the best songs for the hardest portion of your workout routine. (You know where that super long hill is, plan the most pumping song for that exact moment).

It can be a little hard trying to stick with our fitness routine. The good news? Once you’re in about a week, mentally, you don’t want to start back at zero, and that motivates you! Give it 7 days and see what happens!