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Fitness, Health and Nutrition Games

Fitness, Health and Nutrition Games

Staying healthy means making good food choices and exercising every day. Even kids need to learn about nutrition and fitness to take charge of their health. As important as health is, you can still have fun while you exercise and eat well. Learn about fitness, health, and nutrition by playing games, taking quizzes, and having fun outdoors. Play active games with your friends and your family, such as tag, hide and seek, and basketball. Learn about delicious foods that are good for your body. The more you enjoy good health, the better you will feel and the more likely it is that you will choose to stay healthy for your entire life.



  • The Body Page: This game helps you learn about various body parts such as the heart and the brain.
  • Cardiovascular System: Drag different pieces to the puzzle to fit the different parts of the cardiovascular system together.
  • Fantastic Anatomy: This game involves placing different organs where they belong in the body.
  • Colors, Colors Brain Game: Learn about how the brain sees colors with this fun game.
  • Label Bones: Choose the correct labels for different bones of the skeleton in this game.
  • The Skeleton: The human skeleton supports the body and protects important organs.
  • Know Your Muscles: This game teaches you all about your muscles, which give you strength to move.
  • Inner G: Click on different body parts to learn more about them and how they work.
  • Body System Word Find: The words in this word-search puzzle are all about the different systems of the body.
  • Skin Games: Something to Do: Explore your fascinating skin with these fun activities, such as comparing fingerprints to see that everyone has one-of-a-kind prints.



  • Kevin's Build-a-Meal Game: Help Kevin choose foods that he will eat throughout the day, including both meals and snacks.
  • Dining Decision Game: Choose foods in this game to see whether they are healthy choices.
  • Nutrition Sudoku: Play a fun sudoku game with foods instead of numbers.
  • Blast Off: Players need to make healthy food choices to play this game.
  • Food Hero: Learn what it takes to be a food hero by choosing the healthiest foods for meals in this game.
  • Power Up Your Breakfast: Learn all of the important facts about breakfast and why it's so important by playing this game.
  • Food Group Frenzy: This game will teach you all about the different food groups in a fun way.
  • Food Balance: This game is all about choosing the best foods and drinks for a healthy day.
  • Smash Your Food: Find out what's in common foods and how good they are for you with this game.
  • A Healthy Lunch Box: Have fun packing a healthy lunch box with this game that lets you choose the foods you want for a lunch.