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The Land of Opportunity

Heather Hudson

Recently I was struck deeply while listening to a motivational speaker while he spoke about how much opportunity we have in the country of America.

It is so very true. Many people spend their lives trying to get here, actually. And those people seem to have some of the most amazing stories. While many hundreds of thousands of people who were born here, struggle daily…Why is that?

The people who are scrambling to get here are driven deeply by something: they have a DREAM!

When you have a burning desire to succeed at something it fuels your every move.


I don’t believe that we should only take a few select holidays a year to be truly thankful for the country we live in here in the U.S.A.! This is a country that gives each and every person the same opportunities to succeed. The variable is not what city you were born in or how much money your parents had when you were born in that city. The only variable that truly matters is, your drive.

Most people who are wildly successful, if you do any small amount of research on their climb to success, have a story of coming from some type of hardship; some more than others.

Do you know what you won’t find in common with this group of people? If you do your research on the highly productive leaders in our world, past or present, you’ll note that they did not find their success during any particular time in the economy. They come from all spectrums of the economy and were still able to flourish despite who was president, what the market was doing or how fearful people were in general at that time of spending their disposable income.

I feel especially proud that we at 9Round Franchising are privileged to be able to offer entrepreneurship in its healthiest form (a fitness business) and allow people the opportunity to truly write their own destiny and work for themselves. 9Round was founded in 2008, which ironically, was a very sketchy time economically.

We have had our nose down for 6 years, making our company better than good. Good is the enemy of great. We are proud of what 9Round ownership gives to the franchisee. Your reward is directly related to your drive and intense desire to be victorious.

I am equally proud of how we have been blessed to expand our fitness business opportunity into Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, parts of Europe and the UAE! It is a global economy and I'm happy to create as many jobs as we do with 9Round and all the genres it touches.

One of my favorite quotes is by Jim Rohn, "Each of us needs all of us." Nothing could be closer to the truth.

Are you interested in taking your financial future into your own hands? Click here to see if this business is a good fit for you.  http://www.9round.com/fitness-franchises