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8233 Byron Center Ave
Byron Center, Michigan 49315


  • HUGE workout in only 30 minutes
    - Jan 11, 2019 by M.G.
  • I like the people there! Everyone is friendly and encouraging.
    - Jan 4, 2019 by M.B.
  • 9Round is a fun, quick and yet challenging workout. Given my busy schedule, a workout that allows me to get in and out in 30 minutes while burning a high amount of calories is just what I need. The trainers are very helpful and the workouts change each time - so you never get bored.
    - Dec 12, 2018 by Michele Fink
  • I love that I get a great workout in 30 minutes and it’s not the same thing every time. I need the variety that 9 round gives me to keep me motivated to come back everyday.
    - Dec 4, 2018 by Cari McGarvie
  • The trainers! They are always showing me how to improve my technique. I also love that there is no set class time. Life is busy so not to have to plan my workout around a schedule is the best! The workout itself is a challenge as each day it changes so you don’t get bored doing the same thing! All around 9Round is the best!
    - Dec 1, 2018 by K.M.
  • The friendly helpful staff. I feel welcomed and comfortable working out here.
    - Nov 29, 2018 by L.D.
  • I look forward to working out now. Love that it changes every day. This is the best workout routine I have ever done and I've stayed with it the longest as well. Have already referred 2 friends!!!
    - Nov 19, 2018 by Dena Russell
  • The workout is great. I like the trainers along side of you.
    - Oct 28, 2018 by C.B.
  • I just love it. It is very convenient, no schedules, really nice trainers, different work out every day... It is such a stress reliever. I wish you could open 6 am Mondays as well!! Thanks for such a nice place.
    - Oct 25, 2018 by Susana Alonso
  • The one on one with the trainers.
    - Oct 20, 2018 by S.M.
  • Love how you can get a great work-out in in just 30 minutes with no class times and it switches up everyday.
    - Oct 19, 2018 by L.T.
  • Great staff / friendly environment
    - Oct 18, 2018 by S.D.
  • Full body Workout anytime, and trainers always on site. Also, love the community.
    - Oct 17, 2018 by john ashby
  • Best workout ever. Friendly and helpful trainers.
    - Oct 14, 2018 by L.C.
  • That the workouts are constantly changing and there aren't set times like if you signed up for a class at a gym.
    - Oct 11, 2018 by D.S.
  • 9 Round is a great workout and feels like a community. The trainers are helpful and always take the time to ask my name and chat to get to know me if they don’t. I find it to be an encouraging environment too especially when the workouts get tough and I get a little intimidated, the trainers always encourage or offer modifications for my level while always pushing to get me to that next level. Great gym, very empowering.
    - Oct 4, 2018 by Julia Duthie
  • It's not boring, something different every day,and the trainers are pretty awsome
    - Sep 20, 2018 by L.M.
  • The workouts are great and I haven't had the same one twice! I love the flexible schedule, the trainers, and the feedback that I receive after each workout.
    - Sep 12, 2018 by A.H.
  • I love 9Round! I've been going about a month now and not only is it the best work out ever, but everyone is so friendly! I was nervous at first that I would not be able to handle it or not know what to do, but the trainers are great they really help you learn the right technique and push you to get the best work out each time! Thank you Zach, Tim, Becky, Kendra :)
    - Aug 30, 2018 by Karen Meyer
  • Quick and intense! I’m done so fast with my schedule it’s what I need! No excuses when it’s only a 1/2 hour!
    - Aug 20, 2018 by Amie Brock
  • Everything. Becky is amazing
    - Aug 14, 2018 by K.A.
  • I love that every day is a different workout and the trainers keep you motivated during your workout. No class times is a big plus as you can come on your own schedule.
    - Jul 25, 2018 by S.M.
  • I love the short curated workouts with excellent motivation from the trainers, and how good I feel after doing it.
    - Jul 20, 2018 by J.H.
  • Love the no class time an 30 minutes an done with a full body work out...extra bonus that the workout is different everyday. Also nice to have a trainer....or two always present to help...an even motivate !!!
    - Jul 19, 2018 by L.T.
  • everything, no waiting, great workout.
    - Jul 16, 2018 by T.M.
  • I began going to 9Rounds because I knew that I needed to make changes in my life and my health. When I started I had almost no prior exercise experiance but the trainers were very helpful in guiding me through each session. I know they have my best interest at heart and I dont feel like I am being judged but instead feel that they want to see me succeed and continue to encourage me to better myself.
    - Jul 14, 2018 by J.H.
  • No Class Times!
    - Jul 14, 2018 by M.S.
  • The convenience of the workout being only 30 minutes and the trainers are the best. They have created a great mini community.
    - Jul 13, 2018 by L.K.
  • I can come and go when ever it’s convenient for me. Everyday is a different work out!
    - Jul 13, 2018 by Lisa Davis
  • It only takes 30 min
    - Jul 13, 2018 by P.W.
  • The workout is amazing and it’s great having a trainer there coaching everyone through their workouts. The people are awesome as well which makes going easy!! No gym times, and a quick 30 minute workout anyone can do it!
    - Jul 13, 2018 by M.W.
  • You can start your workout at anytime.
    - Jul 13, 2018 by S.D.
  • There are no class times and it's a full body work out in 30 minutes!
    - Jul 12, 2018 by Rachel Lenger
  • Different workout everyday & the friendly staff! They know everyone’s name that walks through the door!
    - Jun 27, 2018 by Melissa Falcon
  • The knowledgeable staff and the kick a$$ workouts! I love that it’s a new workout everyday.
    - Jun 15, 2018 by D.B.
  • Small setting and therefore the trainers are able to really coach and help you reach your goals
    - Jun 8, 2018 by K.B.
  • Great trainers! Get to work out when it is convenient for me. Super variety in activities at the rounds.
    - Jun 8, 2018 by Dale Peterson
  • The enthusiasm of the trainers. They constantly give encouragement and help with form. Even if you're not doing so well, they understand body limits based on exercise experience. Plus, they always have good music tracks.
    - Jun 6, 2018 by Karla Merino
  • Being able to go when is most convenient, not set class time ms
    - May 9, 2018 by A.S.
  • Nothing, i just am not one to aggressively recommend anything i do, but if asked i would definitely recommend 9 Rounds!
    - Apr 25, 2018 by S.R.
  • Trainers..... trainers .... Love Becky! 1/2 hour workout- heart monitors- Love the friendly people that come in to workout!
    - Apr 18, 2018 by Sandy Hayward
  • I love that there are no class times, that your workout is already set for you, you get a full workout done in a little more than 30 minutes AND the coaches are soon encouraging and helpful
    - Apr 18, 2018 by Laurie Tindle
  • I love love love this gym. It's an amazing workout in 30 minutes! Usually I get tired of going to the gym after a few times...not the case with 9round! I'm motivated to go and I always feel great after the workout!
    - Apr 17, 2018 by Liv Crissman

About the team

  • Kendra <span class="nick-name">"Ali"</span> Townsend
    Kendra "Ali" Townsend
    As a long time fitness fanatic, athlete, runner, biker, triathlete and just an overall health nut, I am extremely passionate about health and fitness for not only myself, but for everyone around me. It's my goal to exude that through my ownership and being a trainer at 9Round Byron Center and help everyone meet their health and fitness goals nine rounds at a time.
  • Becky <span class="nick-name">"The Killer"</span> Miller
    Becky "The Killer" Miller
    Lead Trainer at 9Round Byron Center. Passionate about fitness, the 9Round workout and helping people meet their health and fitness goals.
  • Heather <span class="nick-name">"The Hurricane"</span> Ott
    Heather "The Hurricane" Ott
    As a triathlete, I am passionate about health and fitness and love sharing that passion with others. As a trainer, I love that I can help our members to find a strength in themselves that maybe they weren't aware of and in so doing, help them to accomplish their goals and build confidence in themselves.
  • Carol <span class="nick-name">"Wow Chica"</span> Reiss
    Carol "Wow Chica" Reiss
    Hello, my name is Carol and I am a wife and mother of two. I strongly believe in the importance of exercising and moving your body. Research has shown that staying active is the key to physical and mental health. I love the saying “if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!” I like to treat each day as a new beginning, a new chance to succeed. Come work out with me and you will hear me hooting and hollering. I am a cheerleader at heart and love to motivate those around me to reach their goals. My workout pleasures include: doing triathlons, riding horses, skiing and of course doing 9rounds! Hope to see you soon!
  • Team  9Round Byron Center
    Team 9Round Byron Center
    This is our team of certified 9Round Trainers... We are here to empower, train and help you meet your fitness goals nine rounds at a time.