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4 Diet Myths We Need to Toss

There are many misunderstandings when it comes to dieting. There are a lot of rumors floating around out there that any of us take for truths. Whether we know the real facts or not can cause major havoc in our diets. If we believe these false truths, we could end up sabotaging our weight loss goals. Here we have gathered four of the most common diet myths and help you find different ways to go about dieting that can get you those results you have been craving.



  1. If your aim is to lose weight, then you have to starve. This is not true. You should never starve yourself to lose weight. Instead we need to learn about portion control and eating healthy foods. If you try to eat less, it could cause you to be in a very bad mood and make you eat more unhealthy foods at the end of your day. However, when you eat properly throughout the day, you will feel more satisfied and more eager to follow this type of nutritious meal plan.

  2. Fat in any form is bad. A lot of us think that we have to eliminate all fat from our diets. This is not actually true, as many of us can't seem to believe. There are different types of fat, and some of them are bad for us, (think fried chicken or doughnuts) while others happen to be essential for us. So, if you are opting for fat free items because you think it will fast track your weight loss, then you're missing the mark. Your body has to have a certain amount of fat to process certain vitamins antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin D, and vitamin E. So, do not be afraid to allow the proper amount of healthy fats in your diet. Nut butters, lite cheeses, oils and avocado are great examples. Fats should be 20-30% of your diet daily.

  3. Healthy meals have no flavor. There are multiple ways to incorporate different flavors and tastes into your meal. You do not have to rely on fat and salt to bring you flavor. You could try some new spices, experiment with different herbs and look for healthy types of condiments like BBQ sauce and the like. You may not realize how much they can take your food to the next level and only add a trivial amount of calories to your diet! However, if you are buying ready made spice mixtures, you should check the label for its sodium content just to be sure. Many pre made seasoning kits are so concentrated that you only need half. Try out a few new flavors next time you cook.

  4. You need to go low carb. This is definitely not true! Carbohydrates need to be 50-55% of your diet at each meal! You body actually needs carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, brown rice, or whole wheat pasta in order to burn fat. The low carb fad is still going strong, but we really need to get over it. Carbs don't make you fat, a crappy diet will. Eating clean and balanced consistently is the ticket.

When we follow false truths, it can be a long hard struggle trying to lose weight. This leads to failure and disappointment. 9Round Nutrition is included in your 9Round membership so you really can take all the guess work out of all the contradictory trends you read or hear about. http://www.9round.com/login/what_you_get

Healthy living is fun and can be done for life when you do it right!