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How to Stay Fit and Healthy as a Busy Mom

So, you happen to be a busy mom, does that mean you have to give up trying to be fit and healthy? No, all you have to do is prioritize your workout. I know it can be difficult trying to find the time to squeeze in a workout routine. You may have a job outside the home and be responsible for the home and the kids, but it is always important to look out for yourself. You need to stay fit and healthy to be around for your kids and to enjoy life. Here are a few tips that may help you on your way to finding balance in your hectic schedule.


  1. Play with your children. You can go take them to the park but instead of sitting on the bench watching them, get up and join in the fun. You can play tag, race or just walk around the park. There are so any exercises you can do at the park while you watch your kids. The main thing is to get up and be active and not just sit there. Also kids love to be challenged, so why not challenge them to a tennis match or a volleyball game, whatever your park features. This can get the whole family involved in staying fit.
  2. Keep a schedule. Put your workout times on the calendar and what you want to achieve during each workout. If you plan ahead you will have a better opportunity at sticking to your fitness plans. Scheduling also gives you the chance to adjust your schedule as needed to help you squeeze in certain times to workout. We all know things may pop up just make sure you are prepared for this on your weekly schedule.
  3. Make reasonable goals. It can be discouraging when we do not see immediate results, but sometimes things take time. It can be easy to give up when you set goals you can not achieve. Your best bet is to understand it may take a while for the weight to come off or to drop those sizes. You should not expect to lose all fifty pounds in one week. Try to look at the positive. Perhaps, you lost two pounds and you have a lot more energy than before. Just keep your head up and know the more you stick to your fitness plan, the healthier you are becoming.
  4. Stay positive and keep motivated. Surround yourself with others who have the same fitness beliefs as you. You want people around you that will pick you up when you are down and help you stay on the right track. You could also get a fitness buddy who comes over to exercise or goes out with you to exercise. It is harder to give up when there are others pushing you to give it your all. It is important to have this strong support system to help you stay motivated and make sure you stick with your fitness routines.


As a mom, you should always remember how important you are. The work you do for your kids and house is amazing, and you should look and feel amazing also. It can be a challenge trying to find the time and extra energy needed to stay fit and healthy, but in the long run, it is worth it and so are you. So, get up and get active.