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99 WestEdge St Suite 1700
Charleston, South Carolina 29403


  • The trainers are so motivating! It’s nice to have a mix of male and female trainers. Lindsay, Dylan, and Mark have been so awesome. I can already see results and can feel myself getting back into the shape I was previously in! Love 9Rounds in Charleston!
    - Oct 25, 2019 by L.T.
  • 9Round is the best! All the trainers are super helpful and invested in each person's experience. They push me to my limits and keep me motivated. I can show up anytime, and get in a killer 30. minute workout without having to worry about a specific class schedule. I am getting stronger and more fit, and I feel like a badass! I love 9Round!
    - Oct 17, 2019 by L.S.
  • I love that one on one attention from the trainers. They seem to remember my goals, milestones an accomplishments. I feel that that the trainers really care about the members and their progress. Hands down the best gym I’ve ever been apart of.
    - Oct 5, 2019 by C.S.
  • The trainers! Mark, Dylan and Lindsey keep me motivated and pushing myself harder every time. Great support system.
    - Oct 4, 2019 by C.M.
  • It requires so little time out of my day, it is impossible to come up with an excuse not to go. The staff is very motivating and fun. I figured I would go 3 days a week and find myself looking forward to going day 4 and 5.
    - Sep 28, 2019 by T.S.
  • Get trainers. Flexible workout times.
    - Sep 21, 2019 by J.S.
  • It’s great because the exercise starts right when you walk into the door. I also like the fact that it’s a great work out. There are moments during the work out where I feel like I can’t go on but the trainers are so motivating and thats what keeps you going.
    - Sep 20, 2019 by G.H.
  • The individual attention
    - Sep 19, 2019 by C.W.
  • No class times, only 30 minutes, the trainers!
    - Sep 18, 2019 by K.H.
  • Being a stay at home mom means I have to schedule my things around everyone else. The fact that I can walk in whenever and start is awesome to me. The ability to get a super challenging workout in 30 minutes is also important. All that said I probably wouldn’t keep going if it wasn’t for the trainers at the location I go to. They make you feel like you belong there no matter what level you are at.
    - Sep 16, 2019 by S.W.
  • I’ve become a 9rpubd addict! I love the trainers. The program!! Everything!!
    - Sep 1, 2019 by L.M.
  • Trainers are awesome and push you to the level you want to be pushed to. Fast and efficient workouts and always getting something different
    - Aug 21, 2019 by S.P.
  • 1- The staff’s engagement with the customers during the workout. 2- Great workout atmosphere 3- proximity to my job
    - Jul 10, 2019 by Y.A.
  • Excellent trainers who are very knowledgeable and upbeat. Love the no class times and 30 minute structure. Perfect for me.
    - Jul 5, 2019 by G.A.
  • I love the structure of nine round and the no class times! Plus, all the trainers are very friendly and motivational!
    - Jul 4, 2019 by S.C.
  • I like that I get a full body workout and a get a different workout every time I go
    - Jun 30, 2019 by C.S.
  • Best group of employees and ownership. They all have great attitudes, motivating and encouraging. I leave the gym feeling great and looking forward for my workout. Thank you guy for your hard work!!
    - Jun 30, 2019 by A.K.
  • The one on one experience and motivation to keep going...especially those last 30 seconds.
    - Jun 18, 2019 by C.W.
  • With minimal time to workout this 30 minutes is what I’ve been searching for to stay strong all year! Thanks 9Round Westedge!!
    - Jun 16, 2019 by C.F.
  • Loving my time at 9Round. The trainers and team there are awesome, supportive and push me which are all qualities I'm looking for in a gym. Pumped to be a member and look forward to going each week.
    - Jun 14, 2019 by E.L.
  • The staff are amazing. They seem to want to have a personal connection with all their members and genuinely care about their fitness and health.
    - May 11, 2019 by C.A.
  • I love that the workouts fit around my schedule. The high intensity exercises get my blood pumping! Mark & Dylan are fantastic trainers, they challenge me while still being encouraging and kind.
    - May 8, 2019 by S.S.

About the team

  • Lindsay <span class="nick-name">"LiL Linds"</span> Lee
    Lindsay "LiL Linds" Lee
    Lindsay, originally from the Philly area, is now part of our Downtown Charleston team as a 9Round trainer! Formerly an athlete herself, she used her love of sports to study exercise science undergrad. Her favorite part of being a 9rounds Trainer is leading the pad drills to challenge and engage members.
  • Madison <span class="nick-name">"MADDOG"</span> Jung
    Madison "MADDOG" Jung
    Madison Juggernaut Jung has come to us from 9round Mt Pleasant where she was a trainer, she has now joined our team Downtown. Madison is now ready to give you the best 30 min full body kickboxing workout downtown at our WestEdge location. Book your free workout today!!
  • Victoria  <span class="nick-name">"VICIOUS "</span> James
    Victoria "VICIOUS " James
    Originally from North Carolina, Victoria moved further south to Charleston in 2017. She uses her continuous love of fitness to motivate members to push past their limits and punch doubt in the face! Come try your free workout with Victoria for an intense and stress-relieving boxing match with yourself.
  • Kelly <span class="nick-name">"Jingles"</span> Duffy
    Kelly "Jingles" Duffy
    Kelly has been a 9ROUND trainer for 2 years and joins us from a 9ROUND located in Easley SC. She is a student at the College of Charleston and plays on the women's rugby team. She is an enthusiastic trainer and loves to be in the gym whether it's to train others or work out herself. WARNING! She loves burpees :) Come try out a a FREE workout with Kelly today.

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