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1257 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60614


  • I love the flexibility and that it is only 30-ish minutes with such a high impact on body transformation and physical condition! The team is really great!!! Very knowledgeable and highly motivational coaches and they will individually coach you!!
    - May 27, 2019 by Loes Vanden Eynde
  • I absolutely LOVE my trainers!!!!
    - May 26, 2019 by Simone Sredni
  • I love the flexibility of being able to start in 3 minutes. My schedule is very unpredictable so it’s hard for me to do scheduled classes like other places offer. I like that whenever I show up, I know I’ll be starting in at least 3 minutes.
    - Apr 5, 2019 by Caitlin Walker
  • How personal the trainers are and how fun they make it
    - Apr 4, 2019 by M.M.
  • I love that you can go in at any time and are not tied down to a time. I also really enjoy the trainers helping you through each round, as well as working with you!
    - Apr 2, 2019 by Corey Kibort
  • The kickass workouts
    - Mar 9, 2019 by C.C.
  • The staff is awesome. Casey does a fantastic job running the gym. Great work out and great people.
    - Mar 9, 2019 by A.S.
  • Awesome trainers and no class times make this place great!
    - Feb 17, 2019 by Nate Brady
  • It’s fun, fast and convenient!
    - Feb 15, 2019 by M.D.
  • 9Roubd has such a positive atmosphere, I love that the workout is only 30 minutes and the workout is planned out for you. The trainers are always great and motivating in the kindest way. Best of all, I leave so sweaty and actually had fun exercising (crazy...right?!)
    - Dec 22, 2018 by Grace Bonasera
  • I love the trainers and how they push me to work harder
    - Dec 6, 2018 by C.C.
  • I love that 9 round is so flexible and are such effective workouts
    - Nov 28, 2018 by Celina Mosher
  • The instructors are friendly and informative, the equipment is well maintained, and even though it's an excruciating workout you guys make it so much fun. I haven't had the chance to even start going very often and I've been seeing great results.
    - Oct 28, 2018 by Saharsh Arora
  • It's very personal and I can see myself getting better every session.
    - Aug 16, 2018 by G.K.
  • I like the judgement free environment. I like that there are people there of all different sizes/athletic abilities. The trainers are AWESOME
    - Aug 15, 2018 by A.B.
  • The best 30 minute workout you’ll ever have!
    - Aug 4, 2018 by Andrew Gantz
  • The workouts are so fun, so quick and incredibly effective. The trainers are all wonderful. They make an effort to remember your name and encourage, not shame you into giving your best. Think "Rudy" not "Miracle". It's a very accepting environment, with a wide varity of members - not at all pretentious, clicky or cultish like some Chicago gyms. Show up in lulus or your grandpa's old sweats, nobody cares. No class times is possibly the greatest thing that ever happened to my fitness life. It's completely eliminated the stress of traveling to the gym. No fees or guilt if I have to work a little later or get stuck on the train because someone's "wandering the tracks". And who doesn't love beating the crap out of a bag?! Rude boss, crappy roommate, store sold out of the creamy peanut butter you were craving? No problem. Take it out on the bag and keep your job! Plus, the price is totally reasonable, so you can afford to workout AND pay Chicago rent - who knew?! Honestly, I tell anyone who will listen about this gym. It's ruined me for other gyms. You can never close. Thank you!!
    - Jul 10, 2018 by Hannah Mitchell-Yoder
  • No appointments required. Personal attention. Friendly atmosphere. Good price.
    - Jul 3, 2018 by Carter Laney
  • Every single trainer at 9 Round is there to motivate and help the customers. I have felt at home since the second I signed up and I would highly recommend to any of my friends looking to get in bette shape.
    - Jun 21, 2018 by N.M.
  • The always changing workouts and the trainers... always make it fun. The big thing I like is the more you go, the more the trainers learn your limit and they make sure to push you and never plateau.
    - Jun 14, 2018 by Steve Galiano
  • It is a great workout! Flies by since it's only about 30 min and never gets boring since we're doing something new every day.
    - Apr 4, 2018 by J.D.
  • I really enjoy that since I am older, the trainers are able to make modifications to the rounds if it is something I can't do so I do not feel like an idiot and to still be challenging for me. In addition - I love that is it 30 minutes and you do not need to wait for a certain time for a class
    - Apr 2, 2018 by A.D.

About the team

  • Casey <span class="nick-name">"The Crusher"</span> Kurz
    Casey "The Crusher" Kurz
    Owner/operator of both 9Round Northbrook and 9Round Lincoln Park. Casey has been kickboxing at 9Round for over 6 years. With a bachelors degree in Kinesiology from Miami University and a Illinois Women's Soccer League D level coaching certification, she pushes clients to reach their fitness goals using proper technique, creative exercises and A LOT of enthusiasm. Casey finds great pride and the success of her trainers and clients.
  • Abby <span class="nick-name">"The Assassin "</span> Kurz
    Abby "The Assassin " Kurz
    Abby had a personal training business for 15 years before she decided to open 9Round Northbrook in 2013. She is motivated by helping others become more fit and feel better about themselves.
  • Marlee <span class="nick-name">"The Maniac"</span> Chlystek
    Marlee "The Maniac" Chlystek
    Being an athlete involved in both individual and team oriented sports and 4 years of training experience at 9 Round, Marlee brings a lot to the table with her positive attitude and encouragement. Don't be fooled by her kind disposition, she isn't called The Maniac for nothing. Marlee desires to push and motivate our members toward their end goal and works hard for the gratification of their success.

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