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754 Mangrove Ave
Chico, California 95926


  • It's a great workout and all of the trainers are really nice. Ana and Tiff are the nicest business owners in Chico. Tatum, Dan, Elija, Jolene and Makenna are always super helpful. I like to ring the bell and hear everyone Go woooo. I was very sedentary before because I work a desk job and 9-5 life can get your pretty lazy. I have been going to 9round about 10 months and have really gotten into shape. 15/10 would recommend mat
    - Nov 2, 2019 by M.H.
  • Its great for working all body parts. Haha What I love the most is that my arms get a great workout. No other excersize has worked out my arms like this. Fast and fun! Love this place ❤️
    - Oct 29, 2019 by L.P.
  • Great workout and trainers and always fun!! Great you can go at anytime of the day!
    - Oct 20, 2019 by K.S.
  • 9 Rounds in Chico is the best gym I’ve ever been to. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gym!!! Perfect for busy parents who are shuttling kids to and from practice. No lines or wait time means I can get in, have a GREAT workout, and still pick my kids up on time. If you haven’t tried it, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Sincere thanks to all the Trainers that make working out so much FUN
    - Oct 19, 2019 by A.S.
  • Ana and Tiffany are amazing trainers that dedicate their time to making you feel comfortable and empowered. They work with you on modifications and go at your own pace. Really enjoy the community that is formed when you start building relationships with trainers and other work out buddies.
    - Oct 14, 2019 by B.H.
  • Convenience!
    - Oct 3, 2019 by S.A.
  • Everything. The trainers, in particular, the no schedule, the workout!!!
    - Sep 30, 2019 by M.R.
  • I love everything! The trainers, the workout, the friends I’ve made, just everything! I love 9 round!!!
    - Sep 29, 2019 by S.W.
  • The trainers.
    - Sep 20, 2019 by J.H.
  • It's a great convenient location. The trainers are upbeat and take an interest in you. And it's a great workout!
    - Sep 13, 2019 by S.B.
  • How strong I feel from building muscle but also a good cardio workout.
    - Sep 11, 2019 by B.P.
  • I can tune everything out for a thirty minutes or longer. I also love that I’m not in a row of people doing the same exercise. I tend to compare my breathing and speed. Thank you for this unique experience. I’m so addicted!
    - Sep 9, 2019 by K.S.
  • I Love all the wonderful trainers!! They are completely helpful and make you feel like "You Can Do It!" Love You All in Chico! ~~ Laura Kay McNulty :)
    - Sep 6, 2019 by L.K.M.
  • The fun trainers, upbeat music, and low judgement zone with an overall really good workout in a concise amount of time!
    - Sep 5, 2019 by C.A.
  • The best thing about 9Round is you can take out all frustrations here by boxing/kicking! I also like that the workout is only 30 minutes (you can workout longer if you want), the workout routine is different every day and the trainers show you what to do at each station.
    - Sep 2, 2019 by H.N.
  • The best workout experience I’ve ever been a part of!
    - Aug 30, 2019 by A.C.
  • The support and non-judgemental feeling each time you go in
    - Aug 24, 2019 by C.G.
  • Friendly trainers. Fun and challenging. Don't feel judged.
    - Aug 24, 2019 by J.N.
  • The face that you don’t have to sign up for a session time!
    - Aug 21, 2019 by J.M.
  • Truly everything! The gym layout, the way the circuits are designed and how they change every day, and of course the amazing trainers. I love how the workouts are always dynamic, sometimes interactive, and challenging. I feel stronger and increasingly more fit since I’ve started!
    - Aug 18, 2019 by S.B.
  • It's a personal experience, it's super convenient, the staff are so welcoming and just super supportive. You can make the workout as challenging or as light depending on your skillset. I can't say enough positive things about this place, I recommend it to everyone!!
    - Aug 17, 2019 by C.S.
  • The trainers are great, they help modify to help with joints that may be recouping from an injury, building strength back up. It's nice that you can go whenever you are available (during business hrs) and not have to sign up for a class. You do everything at your own pace but its great to get an encouragement to keep going! Not only does it include kickboxing, but also cardio and weights. It's nice to see your heart rate as you work out too!!!
    - Aug 17, 2019 by C.H.
  • Be able to come at any time!!!
    - Aug 15, 2019 by L.L.
  • Go anytime, in/out w/in 35-40 mins, whole body workout, as intense as you want to make it, structured to be fun and you want to go back. Took me a while to find something that I'd be motivated to do consistently and this is it! Love 9Round! DK3
    - Aug 10, 2019 by D.K.
  • Love not to be on class schedule, love the monitor that keeps me on track, love the workout for my whole body and most valuable is the people who work there.
    - Aug 3, 2019 by S.K.
  • It's a great work out and the trainers feel like family.
    - Aug 2, 2019 by J.W.
  • The community and trainers are the best!
    - Jul 26, 2019 by E.D.
  • I love everything about 9 rounds! From the trainers to the workout it all keeps me wanting to go to the gym! Plus being able to drop in anytime is a major plus!
    - Jul 25, 2019 by K.B.
  • I love that I can be in and out when I have a busy day.
    - Jul 24, 2019 by M.G.
  • What’s not to like?!
    - Jul 19, 2019 by A.S.
  • I’ve taken a lot of different types of excersize Classes over the years. And nothing works out your arms like this. Plus I can usually find 30 minutes in my day to go work out. I love this place!! I’m so much stronger!!
    - Jul 17, 2019 by L.P.
  • When I thought of joining a gym I always balked at the idea of having to be somewhere at a particular time on particular days and how that could cause schedule conflicts with work, appointments and/or kids activities. So what I like best is that I can just show up and jump in to get the same level of work out when I want. That, and it's never the same, so I'm not getting bored or stuck in a routine. Everyone is awesome and friendly, I feel like I belong there, even my first few awkward moments were cheered on as well as all the effort I put in now, weeks later. Love it, crave it!
    - Jul 16, 2019 by J.H.
  • It's a fast, intense work out. Always changing so you're not constantly working on the same muscle group
    - Jul 12, 2019 by V.G.
  • Fun!! Fast!! Great workout!! Always different! Never boring!
    - Jul 6, 2019 by D.D.
  • 9rounds provides an efficient and effective workout on my schedule.
    - Jul 3, 2019 by M.C.
  • The workout stations and staff!
    - Jul 3, 2019 by R.B.
  • Convenient
    - Jul 3, 2019 by S.A.
  • The trainers and the workouts!!!
    - Jun 28, 2019 by M.R.
  • I love the trainers and the work out changes every day!
    - Jun 28, 2019 by S.W.
  • I like that everyday is a different bout. When you walk in your the champ and the workout is your challenger. Fight for yourself and enjoy your health.
    - Jun 24, 2019 by M.J.
  • It’s quick and conveniently located. And it delivers a great workout.
    - Jun 19, 2019 by S.B.
  • Awesome trainers .... awesome work out !!!
    - Jun 12, 2019 by R.M.
  • Intense Workout based on fundamentals (Boxing) that I enjoy
    - Jun 11, 2019 by M.F.
  • I love 9Round! I feel stronger my endurance is through the roof. The staff is amazing and it’s fun!!!!
    - Jun 11, 2019 by R.S.
  • A great whole body workout in under an hour. Come at any time. Great trainers.
    - Jun 9, 2019 by B.P.
  • The one on one trainers and the variety of workouts!
    - Jun 5, 2019 by E.R.
  • I love the fact that it's a quick, excellent workout every time I go.
    - Jun 2, 2019 by J.D.
  • It’s a quick, intense, and fun workout especially for people with busy schedules. I love that I’m able to keep track of how many calories I’m burning during the workout. It’s a great feature to have the workout summary sent to me via email so I can input the information on my fitnesspal. The staff is also awesome!
    - May 31, 2019 by M.A.
  • The trainers and their amazing personalities!
    - May 24, 2019 by A.C.
  • At the 9Round that I go to I like how friendly the owners are and how fun the workouts are. I like the fact that the workout has variety and is not boring.
    - May 20, 2019 by K.S.

About the team

  • Tiffany <span class="nick-name">"Anita Nikita"</span> Astrologo
    Tiffany "Anita Nikita" Astrologo
    Co-Owner of 9Round Chico. My introduction into fitness was my mom slipping various exercise tapes into the VCR and getting her sweat on in our living room. My mom swore by Tony Little, Denise Austin, Billy Blanks, and now, Tony Horton and Shaun T! I joined the Air Force when I was 17 and finally discovered why my mom loved working out so much and knew that fitness would always be a part of my lifestyle. I fell in love with lifting weights, running, and body weight strength training. I love the sweat, the challenge, the sense of pride, and even the pain of pushing my body. After leaving the military, I started coaching youth boxing in South Central Los Angeles, Ca. Those kids inspired me then and continue to inspire me now. They were disciplined, they didn't get discouraged by new challenges, and they came to the gym every day excited to see how much better they could get. Favorite Station at 9Round: THE WRECKING BALL (Station 5). Uppercuts, round kicks, elbows, hooks, knees; you can do it all on this bag! Pump up song: Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics
  • Ana <span class="nick-name">"Top Bun"</span> Astrologo
    Ana "Top Bun" Astrologo
    Co-Owner of 9Round Chico. My first love was basketball. I grew up in LA county playing at the park with my dad and brother and in high school and junior college. I was always athletic and love to try out different types of workouts. I joined the Air Force when I was 20 years old and was exposed to various styles of exercising, especially as a physical training leader. I joined the corporate world when I left the military and continued to keep fitness as a big part of my life. When I discovered 9Round in 2016, it was love at first sight. I knew this was what I needed to do. I quit my day job to pursue this dream, and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. Favorite Station at 9Round: Freestyle Round! Pad Work All Day! Pump Up Song: "Break Ya Neck" by Busta Rhymes and of course, any song by the beautiful Adele!
  • Tateym <span class="nick-name">"Tay K.O."</span> Gridley
    Tateym "Tay K.O." Gridley
    My love for fitness stems from memories of my mom blaring music while she’d clean the house. We’d dance and clean, and anyone who cleans, knows it can be a killer workout. I still love dancing as a workout. I also love staying active with skateboarding and hiking, anything that gets me outside! I like fun workouts, which is why I love 9Round. I’m not someone who can just run on a treadmill, but running mitts and having a different workout at each station is definitely unique and keeps my motivation high. I always think back to a kickboxing tape I used to do with my mom and that was absolutely one of my favorite workouts, so when my sister said that her and Ana were going to move home to open up 9Round in Chico, I was beyond excited! Words can’t explain, I just grew a passion for this business, and I wish everyone would take a step through our doors because once you start, you'll be hooked. I am thrilled to be a part of this team and company, and cannot wait for everyone to see what 9Round is all about! Favorite station at 9Round: Round 9 Core & Abs! Pump-up song: Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
  • Aalijah <span class="nick-name">"Dad"</span> David
    Aalijah "Dad" David
    My love for fitness began at a very young age. My mom was a professional kickboxer, who then influenced me to study mixed martial arts. I started kickboxing (Muay Thai) at 2 years old, and obtained my black belt at 15 years old. I have been doing jiu-jitsu since I was 5, along with wrestling. I also started football at a very young age and played all the way through high school. My favorites by far have been kickboxing and football, which have taught me discipline and turned me into the man I am today. I have always loved being athletic because it has helped me work hard through any situations in life no matter the circumstances. Kickboxing is my passion and I love the challenge! My goal has always been to become a personal trainer and physical therapist to help other athletes, and working at 9round is a blessing that has helped me on my path to achieve my goal. I am attending Chico State to obtain my degree in Exercise Physiology, to then become a physical therapist. My favorite 9round station is 4 (heavy bag). I love being able to work all my combos and technique to sharpen my tools! Pump up song: Lil Uzi Vert – Sauce it up
  • Jolene <span class="nick-name">"Blu J"</span> Killian
    Jolene "Blu J" Killian
    My passion for movement and physical activity began around the age of 7 when I began dancing. My dance career continued into my early 20’s. In high school I participated in track and cross country which led to my love of running. A little over a year ago my friend brought me to 9round in Folsom and I instantly fell in love with the workout for SO many reasons. I began to feel so much stronger and my running times improved as well, and it’s so fun! I found myself showing up to 9round 5-6 days a week and I never got bored! I’m so excited to share my love for this workout with others it really has given me so much. My favorite rounds are round #3 and of course freestyle and my “pump up song” is really anything Hip Hip or Electronic.

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