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3 Everyday Habits That Could be Wrecking Your Weight Loss

It can be hard to lose weight, especially if you have grown accustomed to your bad habits. We all know that in order to lose weight, we have to change our eating habits and immerse ourselves in a consistent exercise routine. Each day we awake to a new day full of many different options, and it is up to us to make the right choices. We need to be able to recognize which habits we need to break and find the strength to overcome them. Never fear, here we have gathered three of the most common bad habits that can affect your weight loss and ways to overcome them.


  1. Eating on the go. It's easy and oh so convenient, and we have all fallen victim to unhealthy pull of the drive thru. We may be running late, got a million things on our plate or just looking for some late night food satisfaction, but it just seems as if the drive thru has our number. We have been struggling to eat healthy but here we are again waiting for our latest dose of deep fried foods. So, how can we overcome these drive thru urges? We have to plan ahead. We can become experts at stowing healthy snacks such as apples, carrots or granola bars in our office and cars to avoid the temptation of the drive thru. We need to plan our meals ahead and take time to prep some extra ones for days when our schedule is too hectic to cook, and always prepare extra. This way you will have lunch the next day. It is up to us to resist the calling of these so called convenient foods.
  2. Ditching your fitness routines. It is fine to skip a day or two of working out. In fact, it is recommended that you give your body enough time to appropriate rest after a grueling workout; however, if you find yourself visiting the gym less and less often, you are sabotaging your weight loss goals. We all know that we have to eat right and exercise to get the results that we crave. This means you have to find ways to keep you wanting to workout. You could keep a written journal of your successes to help you see the progress you have made. If this does not work, try adding something new to spice up your fitness routine. It is easy to become bored with a monotonous routine. So, find a fitness routine that purposefully keeps your mind engaged, like circuit workouts or kickboxing fitness.
  3. Thoughtless eating. How many of us like to sit in front of the tv and mindlessly eat away on unhealthy snacks? Pretty much all of us will be found guilty on this one. Then there are those of us who turn to food to comfort them during emotional times. Your boyfriend cheated on you so lets eat a gallon of ice cream. It will make us feel better, right? Maybe for now, but when the scale starts moving in the wrong direction, we will be down on ourselves again. And, guess what? The overeating will start once again. So, how do you break yourself of the thoughtlessly overeating habit? You could try stocking your kitchen with only healthy foods and skipping the snack aisles at the grocery store, but you will still need to keep track of everything you eat. Most people keep a food journal and add up all their fat and calories for each meal each day. It can be an eye opening experience and help you see where you are getting all those extra calories and fat. It will also help you hold yourself accountable for what you eat, so there should be a few less food relapses.

In order to achieve our weight loss goals, we need to squash our everyday bad habits and replace them with healthier habits. Once we fall into a healthier routine, we will find it much easier to stick to our diet and fitness routine, which will help us consistently and effectively shed those excess pounds.