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How to Get the Most from Your Kickboxing Fitness Routine

    A weight loss fitness routine does not mean you have to stick to the same old exercises day after day. You can enjoy a fitness routine centered around kickboxing and find that it is fun and can give you the results you have been craving. It is an amazing workout that can help you achieve your weight loss goals, and as an added push, I have a few extra tips to ensure you get the optimal results from your workout.


Take your workout seriously

This is a no brainer. You can not just go to class and watch others workout and expect to get results. You need to push yourself in a kickboxing fitness routine. It is easy for your instructors to ensure that you do not work outside of your fitness level, but you must remember not to get too comfortable. If you go to class and just stand around or perform at less than 100%, you are cheating yourself. You will never get the results you want because you are not giving it your best effort. You need to step outside of your comfort zone and go for it to really achieve the maximum from your workout.


Remember to breathe

Did you know that many people hold their breath while exercising? There are many people that breathe incorrectly while exercising. Their breathing may be too deep, shallow, fast, or slow, or as stated, not at all. Some even inhale or exhale at the wrong times, and while this may not make or break your workout, it can affect the exercise itself, how well you perform it, and your mind and body connection. Most cardio exercises require you to breathe deeply because your muscles need excess oxygen for all the energy they are using. You should also remember to exhale when you throw a punch or kick and inhale when you retract your arm or leg. It is important to time your breathing correctly to get the most out of your workouts.


Stay limber

A lot of the punches and kicks in kickboxing require you to be extremely flexible. It is important to work on your range and work to further it. Stretching is an important part of any fitness routine, but it is a necessary component of kickboxing. It would definitely be a bad idea to skip this step, especially when this step could aide you in your weight loss struggle. You want to be able to kick as high as you can because a high kick requires you to use more energy than a low kick. This extra energy means you will burn extra calories and burn more fat.


Be mindful of your stance

You should always stay focused on your form. The correct posture is important to ensure that every muscle is working at their best during your fitness routine. It can bring in your core muscles and make sure your arms, shoulders and legs are all performing each move as they should. It will help you become more fluid and confident in your movements, and if you should ever decide you want to take your routine to a more combative arena, then you will be just a little more prepared.


    Kickboxing can be a fun and innovative way to add some spice to your fitness routine. The benefits alone should be enough to sway anyone. The routines are fast-paced and engaging. They may be a lot of hard work, but they are most assuredly worth it. You can come away looking and feeling better after each workout.