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How Long Does it Take?

Heather Hudson

The first thing people often want to know is: “How fast will I see results when I start a new fitness program?”

This is kind of a loaded question, because your beginning fitness level will have much to do with this. Also, how much “oooph” you put into your workouts, as well as your nutrition habits will play a major part in it.

But, the FUN NEWS is this: your body’s strength improves faster than most people expect!


Don't get me wrong...fitness is a journey that never ends and you don't lose 100 pounds in 12 weeks like some popular TV shows make it seem. But, strength is the first step in fitness and for many when they see strength increase, it's the most incredible thing for them. It's life changing, because it's so encouraging. This was my experience when I first got really “into” fitness. I was doing all lunges with just my body weight and thought it was the hardest thing EVER! Yet within less than two weeks I felt the need to add dumbbells to my lunges. That’s fairly fast improvement.

This was the moment that I was hooked on fitness and the addiction of bettering myself.

Hey, as addictions go, I think it’s a darn good one to have!

9Round is exactly one week into our 1,000 push up challenge and I’ve gotten a few people on board who originally were ANTI-push ups! Since that one week started, one person told me that she can’t believe how much stronger she has gotten in just this one week! She started with all 40 push ups a day on her knees and even at that point, it was a struggle….Now just a week later, she is up to 10 full push ups on her toes and the remainder on her knees. Amazing! She is so excited!

What is important to remember is, you need to continue to aim for a little more toughness as you get stronger. For instance, if you’ve been working on your push ups on your knees and it’s gotten easy, guess what? It’s time to go up on the toes! You aren’t doing yourself any favors by continuing to do what is already easy. How fast will it get easier?

Faster than you think, but only if you are consistent.

Prevent plateaus by focusing on getting stronger.

One way to make sure you constantly focus on getting stronger is to constantly focus on form. Form has become a slight obsession of mine, but it is only because I notice that the more I focus on perfecting form, the more quickly I become stronger.

Some examples of form that are game changers are:

  • Keeping the chin from dropping down during push ups
  • Keeping the chest up while doing lunges and squats
  • Keeping your hips down while doing planks or mountain climbers

If you add these suggestions into your workouts, you’ll probably immediately notice that exercises you had “gotten used to” are suddenly much harder! That’s good though!

Why? Because: fitness is a total body experience.

There is almost no exercise that doesn’t involve multiple, if not all of, your muscles.

Keeping your chest up on lunges and squats will make you notice how much your core and back are involved in these moves when properly done. This burns more calories and tones more muscles, so it is worth the initial discomfort. After a short time of initial discomfort, the exercise actually gets easier! Try any of the above for just two weeks and see how quickly your body adapts and get addicted to progress!

What can you accomplish in just two weeks?