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How to Enhance Your Kickboxing Fitness Routine

Kickboxing can be an extremely effective form of exercising. It can show us quick results and have us kicking and punching to the beat. However, there are always things we can do to ensure we are getting the most effective workout. In order to achieve the best fitness routine there are a few things we should remember to do.


Warm up

You should always prepare your body for any type of fitness routine. Kickboxing is an tremendously intense form of exercise that requires a warm up. You should never skip this step in any fitness routine. You need your body to be prepared and ready to work at its peak level, in order to get the best results and avoid any unnecessary injuries.


Focus on your stance

Using the correct stance can engage more muscle groups. Muscles that we may normally ignore or may not have even known we had can be engaged just by holding our stance. For example, in order to workout your shoulders you need to remember to keep your hands up in front of your face. If you keep the correct stance throughout your fitness routine, you will get more out of your workout and see results sooner. It is important to keep the correct stance to avoid any injuries, like pulled muscles, during your fitness routine.


Give it your all

Kickboxing can burn up to eight hundred calories per session. One of the major influences on how many calories you burn is how much you put into your workout. You get out of a class only what you put into the class. If you go in performing at only 50%, you will see minimal results. However, if you give 100%, the results will be almost instantaneous. If you want to get the best out of any fitness routine, you have to give it your all.


Be competitive

Being competitive can keep you engaged in your fitness routine and push you past your limits. This can ensure that you are always giving it your all. You do not have to get in the ring and battle it out or anything combative like that, but you could have a fitness partner you try to outperform. You could see who can exercise longer, or who can do more kicks and punches. There are even some gyms you can join that have monthly competitions, such as who had the most gym visits or who improved the most. There are so many things you can do besides sparring that can be competitive and push you past your limits.


Cool down with stretching

Many people do not know the correct time to stretch is actually during the cool down at the end of your workout. Your muscle are warmed up and more prepared to stretch. You are more flexible during this time and less likely to injure yourself. Stretching is important in kickboxing because you are working many muscles that you normally would not. It is easy to pull one of these muscles if you do not warm up or stretch properly.


    Kickboxing can be a fun workout especially when performed correctly. You can get quick results and avoid injury just by taking a few necessary precautions. Everyone who participates in a fitness routine should have certain elements in it, like the warm up, cool down and stretching. If you are starting a new fitness program, it is best to consult your doctor and choose a class or trainer with the correct certifications to avoid having slow results and injuries.