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How to Track Your Fitness Progress

Sometimes the numbers lie.

You can not measure the progress of your fitness routine by looking at only weight loss. The scale can bend the truth. You may not necessarily see immediate results when it comes to weight loss. You need to understand that you may be losing weight in certain places and building muscle mass depending on how you are exercising. You should look at your BMI and take measurements of whichever body parts you want to minimize. You may also notice your dress sizes decreasing, but your weight remaining the same. This stresses the importance of body measurements.


Increased stamina and flexibility.

You should also look at how long you are working out. As you progress you should be able to exercise longer and put in more resistance, like adding extra weight or more reps to your routine. Always keep in mind how much you did during your last workout session and strive to push yourself past that, as you progress in your fitness routine. You should also look at how flexible you have become. You can also measure your stretches, how far you can stretch and how long you can comfortably hold each stretch during your workouts, to see how much progress you are making.


Take a picture.

It is difficult for many to see what a difference they are making by sticking with their fitness routines. However, if you take a picture to document you progress, you will have that hard proof you may need. It is also easier to see the progress if you have a before and after photo to compare. You will see where you made improvements and where you want to spend more time to reach the results you want. There is no need for anyone to see your pictures, so do not freak out when deciding if you want to try this step.


Keep a fitness journal.

This is essential if you want to see where you have made progress. You can not base your progress on one set of numbers, like the scale. If you keep track of all the little details you are more certain to see your progress and follow through with your fitness goals. Just remember the number on the scale is not the deciding factor in your fitness success. You have to look at all the details in order to maintain your focus and stay on the right track.