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Is Your Fitness Routine Tough Enough

While we all have different fitness goals, most of us workout to lose weight or to help our bodies stay fit and healthy longer. We may even be training for a marathon or a different sort of sports competition. So, how can we determine if we are working out at the proper level of difficulty to ensure we keep seeing the necessary results? It can be truly difficult at the beginning of our fitness routine to know what our limits may be and how hard we need to work to progressively achieve our fitness goals.kettle-bell-279731_150.jpg


Assess your current fitness level

When you are new to a fitness routine it is very important to determine your current fitness level. You need look at many different aspects of your fitness routine. If you lift weights you can look at how much weight you can lift, how many reps you can do, and how you feel the next day. If you are doing cardio or running you can measure your speed, how long you can maintain that speed or the length, which can include the time or distance of your runs. There are many ways to evaluate your runs without the needs of a personal trainer. However, it may be much easier for a personal trainer to gauge your fitness level, but the choice is up to you.


Keep a written record

This goes along with your evaluation. Once you evaluate your fitness level make sure to take all the necessary notes. You do not want to forget everything in your evaluation and having a written record will ensure that you don't. It can also help you see when you are plateauing and will help you see when you need to increase or relax your fitness routine. Your notes will let you make sure that you do not take it too easy or push yourself too hard. You do not need to have a pen and paper journal these days. You can use the internet or your smartphone to track your fitness routines. There are many different tools available to help you keep track of your fitness routine.


It can be easy to give up on your fitness routine in the beginning. However, you need to stick with it to ensure you can achieve the results you are seeking. No one sees results immediately, and the first few workouts you do may have you feeling sore and strained. But, if you can stick to your fitness routine, you will soon find your rhythm and start feeling and looking better.