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5 Secrets to Weight Loss Success

Oct 20, 2018


We have all seen those people. The ones who can seem to do no wrong and accomplish everything they set out to do. They may be in the gym rocking it with all their friends, in the club dancing it up or just walking by you on the street, but we all see them. They are often referred to as the skinny ones and the ones with the bodies we want but will never have. Well, instead of being jealous of those people, it is time to turn ourselves into one of those people. Here is a look at some of the best secrets to use when you are trying to shed those extra pounds.



  1. Have a plan. You can not achieve anything if you do not have a plan. How can you attempt having a set fitness routine, when you are all over the place? You need to know ahead of time what your goals are and when and how you expect to achieve them. You should also write down a meal plan and keep track of everything you are eating. If you can plan a nutritious meal ahead of time then you are more likely to avoid any unhealthy options. You should also know where, when and how you are going to workout. By having your workouts sketched out ahead of time, you will more than likely lose a few of the normal excuses for skipping the gym. If you are prepared for your day ahead of time, your chances of failing will be pretty low.

  2. Be aware if what you are putting into your body. Nutrition labels can be misleading, and portions can be out of control. Many of us do not even check the labels on the food that we are eating, and if we do, we may not notice how small the portions actually are. So, it is time for you to take notice. Check those labels and measure your portions prior to digging in, and if you go out to a restaurant to eat, you can be pretty sure that your meal is going to be way above the recommended size. So, to play it safe, you should eat half now and save the other half for later.

  3. Don't focus on only one type of exercise. Cardio is great at burning calories, so in order to lose weight quickly, we should do as much cardio as possible, right? Cardio is a great element to have in your fitness routine, but in order to get the best results, your workout should contain many different types of exercise. This type of mindset can also keep you away from one of the best ways to lose weight, strength training. Strength training helps you shed fat and build muscle, and we all know that muscle is more compact than fat and can help us burn calories even after we finish our workout. Also, you need to add a little variety to your routine to ensure that your body does not get to use to your routine and you stay engaged and motivated throughout your routine.

  4. Have fun. People will find an excuse to avoid things that they do not like, and their fitness routine is no different. If you find yourself trying to power through your regular fitness routine, you definitely need to change things. Your fitness routine should never be something you have to get through. It should be something you look forward to doing. Only you have the power to get into this mindset. You have to find something you enjoy that will have you stay physically active. There are so many different options and fitness classes out there. All you need to do is put yourself out there and find something that does not feel like work to you.

  5. Take baby steps. You want to maintain your motivation throughout your weight loss journey, and nothing can affect your motivation like the feeling of failure. You do not want to set goals that will take a long time to achieve or ones that are so hard it is virtually impossible to achieve them. You need to set goals that can help push you along the way. It can feel good to notice the little changes and celebrating these baby steps can boost your motivation. You could reward yourself for sticking to your fitness routine for an entire week, drinking more glasses of water, introducing new fruits and veggies to your diet or adding five extra minutes to your workout. Remember that all of these little steps can inch you that much closer to success.

Hopefully, you will be able to put a few of these secrets to good use, and you may even be able to turn yourself into one of those people that everyone is jealous of and wants to be. Who knows, one of them may be that one thing you needed to help you achieve those weight loss goals?